The Sunday Times Website Of The Week "Horse Hero" mentions DEEP OSCILLATION® to augment Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Rebecka Blenntoft writes for the Horse Hero Website about How The Equine Lymphatic System Effects The Health Of The Horse. PhysioPod are pleased to note that DEEP OSCILLATION® is mentioned as a treatment to augment EMLD (Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage) along with kinesio taping, and furthermore, that both are well-tolerated by the horse.

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Horse Hero was nominated "Website of the Week" by The Sunday Times, and was described as a "Paradise for Horse Lovers". 

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Many equine therapists now use the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS.  Click here to read some of the testimonials

Horse Hero is a cutting-edge equestrian video website which shows how top riders across a wide range of equestrian disciplines look after their horses at home and during competition. It offers a rare glimpse into the lives of leading professionals, their training methods and their horses. Horse Hero also films fascinating yard tours and goes behind the scenes at major shows and events with our celebrities. The site combines insight with education, inspiration and entertainment.



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