PhysioPod® UK Ltd to exhibit and support at The Children's Lymphaletics 15th September 2018 Sheffield

PhysioPod® UK Limited are delighted to be invited to demonstrate DEEP OSCILLATION at Lymphaletics 2018, a bi-annual event which provides a wonderful opportunity for families with teenagers and children living with Lymphoedema to learn and discuss non-invasive and helpful approaches for this chronic condition.




 Please share the details of this event with any other families who have a child with lymphoedema.


The Children’s Lymphoedema Special Interest Group, (CLSIG) are a volunteer group of Lymphoedema Specialists who work to promote lymphoedema services and support for children with this condition.

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CLSIG work closely with the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN)

CLSIG members are all health care professionals who are directly involved in treating children of this kind. As well as providing direct care and support, they also promote awareness of the condition, promote the provision of effective services and ensure that patients and families of children with the condition are provided with the help and information that they need.

Until recently services have only been available for adults, now there are some clinics around the country that specifically provide treatment for children.  

Lymphoedema is an incurable condition that can cause swelling of any part of the body and can be very disfiguring. It is not life limiting but children often find that they cannot join in with sports or competitive activities because of their swollen limb. It is a relatively rare condition so children are unlikely to meet others who have the same problems. The mainstay of treatment is to wear compression garments to the affected arms or legs but this often causes embarrassment, name-calling or loss of confidence – it’s hard enough being a teenager without the added difficulties of lymphoedema! It is becoming apparent that there could be many more children who suffer from this but who do not get referred. 

This means that by the time they reach young adulthood they are already have complications that are irreversible. 

CLSIG look to provide a special day for children and families with lymphoedema so that they can meet each other and share activities that are fun and in which they will have a chance to win. Exercise and sport helps control this condition considerably but CLSIG need to promote this to children and their families, and build up their confidence, in an environment where they can get together with other children who are having the same issues. CLSIG aim to strengthen their coping and adaptation strategies. 

It is hoped that for the fourth National ‘Lymphaletics Day’ on 15th September 2018 that around a hundred families from around the UK are to join in a fun day of sport and activities at the Concord Sports Centre, Shiregreen Lane in Sheffield, in a supportive environment to promote confidence, quality of life, exercise and facilitate peer support on a national basis.

CLSIG now have the mammoth task of ensuring that they can finance it. They want to be able to provide this day free of charge to children and their families, and overnight accommodation for those travelling greater distances. CLSIG have the dedication, passion and enthusiasm to make sure this project is a great success for the children but with your support, involvement and financial assistance we can realise this dream! They aim to provide various ‘sporting’ activities that children of all abilities can take part in, and also provide rewards for all those taking part to bring a sense of achievement no matter what their limitations.

They will also be doing an educational session – enabling families to learn as much as they can from the professionals available (and from each other) and hope to have a keynote speaker on the day. This educational session will hopefully be supported with an exhibition of lymphoedema products/equipment used to treat the condition.  Children and their families will be able to see just what products are available, which will give them more choice and opportunities to discuss the options open to them at this time.

This whole day is about teamwork and achievement! They really want this to be a fun day for the children and their families, but also want to raise these children’s expectations of what they can achieve and build up their confidence in joining in sports and team activities. Lymphoedema management for children in the UK is greatly under resourced to date and by raising awareness of the condition it will help to make sure that all children who have this condition access appropriate treatment. 



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