Deep Oscillation Debuts at The Equi-Pilates Conference 2018 - Feedback

Susan Johnson MTI/CNHNC/IMA, Holistic Massage and Wellbeing Practitioner of Health Life Naturally recently promoted Deep Oscillation to delegates at the 2018 Equi-Pilates Conference where Dr Jenni Douglas, her daughter was a speaker at the event entitled The Physiological Demand and Physical Preparation Strategies of Equestrian Athletes. PhysioPod were delighted to hear how it all went having supported Susan with literature etc for delegates and promoting on all social media platforms.



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DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy is a gentle, relaxing, non-invasive, non-traumatic treatment, which can be applied immediately after injury and day one post operatively.  It works in acute and chronic situations alike. It is clinically proven to significantly reduce pain, swelling and bruising, resulting in a dynamic wound healing with less resultant scar tissue.  Sensitivity and mobility are regained and a quicker return to normal activities is enabled.

Outstanding results can be achieved with DEEP OSCILLATION®, even where other therapies have had no effect.  The therapist simply wears a pair of light vinyl gloves and/or applicators and use their normal massage techniques to deliver intermittent low frequency, electrostatic impulses to the tissue layers, permeating a depth of 8 cm (Solangel, 2010) through skin, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels with proven effects in the connective tissue.

Excess biological matter, with any abnormal fluid build up is broken down and gently flushed into the lymph system for removal, enabling blood oxygen and nutrients to the area enhancing the natural healing process.  

No heat, no electrical stimulation, safe over pins and plates

It is very important to realise that this therapy does not heat or electrically stimulate the tissue like the thermal setting of Ultrasound or stimulate in the same way as Tens.  Part of the patent of DEEP OSCILLATION® involves an active discharge device.  The circuit stops and starts and so can be safely used throughout the day.  There has never been any adverse effect reported to therapist or patient since 1988.



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