Video which appertain to DEEP OSCILLATION®

DEEP OSCILLATION® effect in tissues recorded by Ultrasound Imaging

By Mary Fickling on Apr 28 2015. Video Report from Dr. MSc. Luis Felipe Medina C. Lic. TF Conclusion: Although this is an initial trial, resonance and kinetic movement of the connective tissue effected by an electrostatic field generated by DEEP OSCILLATION® can be evidenced and visualised. The illustrated test series visualises for the first time the impact on tissue of DEEP OSCILLATION® in real time. The method offers an interesting methodical approach for future studies.


By Mary Fickling on Apr 28 2015. HIVAMAT® 200 - explanation of how the therapy works and the fields of application it is successfully applied.

Julie Soroczyn applies DEEP OSCILLATION® to Willie Fourie, Chartered Physiotherapist

By Mary Fickling on Apr 28 2015. At BLS Conference 2014, Willie Fourie, Chartered Physiotherapist and user of DEEP OSCILLATION® in South Africa experienced the therapy from PhysioPod® Managing Director, Julie Soroczyn.

Pauline Bexon shares a video testimonial - Self Management with the DEEP OSCILLATION Personal

By Mary Fickling on Apr 28 2015. Pauline Bexon has used the DEEP OSCILLATION® personal unit for five years, she recently sent in this video to share her positive experience with other Lymphoedema sufferers.

Clinical Effects of DEEP OSCILLATION®

By Mary Fickling on Apr 28 2015. In contrast to externally applied, mechanical forms of therapy, (e.g. vibration), the therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® takes place in the tissue itself and works through the entire depth of the tissue layers (skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels)