Kevin Powell, Physiotherapist, Watford FC provides feedback on Deep Oscillation®

PhysioPod® continue to receive testimonials from elite sporting professionals with regards to the benefits of DEEP OSCILLATION®...


"Watford Football club had the pleasure of using the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sports and the HIVAMAT® 200 for a period of time. 

We found it very useful during the acute stages of muscular injuries and post surgery.

The non-invasive element was very suitable in managing effusion during early days of post operation. 

When we remeasured circumference post treatment there was a significant improvement. 

We would like to thank PhysioPod® for allowing us to use this wonderful machine."

Kevin Powell, First Team Physiotherapist, Watford Football Club



DEEP OSCILLATION® is an internationally patented electrostatic, electromechanical, massage therapy.  Intermittent, bi-phasic electrostatic impulses are delivered through vinyl gloves or applicator heads, permeating an 8 cm depth through all tissue layers including skin, sub-coetaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels; with clinically proven biological effects in the interstitial spaces of the connective tissue.  

Dr. MSc. Luis Felipe Medina C. Lic. TF concluded through the following video report, that although an initial trial, resonance and kinetic movement of the connective tissue effected by an electrostatic field generated by DEEP OSCILLATION®, can be evidenced and visualised. The illustrated test series visualises for the first time the impact on tissue of DEEP OSCILLATION® in real time. The method offers an interesting methodical approach for future studies.  DEEP OSCILLATION® had already been proven by ecographic imaging to permeate an 8cm depth through all tissue layers in  the study of the healing of AB Burns.


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  • Kevin Powell, First Team Physiotherapist, Watford Football Club

  • DEEP OSCILLATION permeates the tissue layers to a depth of 8cm.