Judith Spooner

Sports Massage Therapist using DEEP OSCILLATION®

24 Westfield Road
NR19 1JB
Telephone 01362 696 453
Mobile 07833 651 403


Judith Spooner, a wonderfully warm and compassionate human being and therapist, has for the last twenty years, run a small non-commercial, hobby kennel breeding Rottweilers and Lancashire Heelers called The Audaxus. They now own, show and occasionally breed both and eighteen dogs lovingly share their home.  Judith has had great success using DEEP OSCILLATION® with assorted human and canine cases, in particular, is one Springer Spaniel Meg who damaged her leg in an accident two years ago and the vet advised for the leg to be amputated.  The owners did not want this to happen and Judy has been working with this little dog ever since, I understand that the dog can gingerly put weight on the paw now and has 'on occasion' be seen playing with full weight upon it (when he thinks no one is looking!).

In April 2009

"Meg, the little Springer Spaniel is continuing to make very good progress. I'm now working on trying to encourage muscle return/ re-growth where the muscle wasted away during her long period of inactivity (before she came to me for help). We can now actually get her to use the leg and take a step or two - although we have to assist her. It's slow work but we are definitely getting there!! The day I can get her to take an unassisted step I'm calling the newspapers. I'm pretty sure she has got her reflexes back all the way down to her toes - but it's hard to be sure without lab tests to confirm nerve conduction rate (which I can't do at home!). Her owners are convinced that she keeps trying to use the leg herself - but she just can't take the weight on it yet and so she tends to fall over (poor little lass). But I'm not ready to stop working on her - I think there is still more to come"

In Nov 2010

"Canine stuff. well, I'm still working on my little springer. It's amazing. If she missed a couple of sessions with me we can see a real deterioration in her leg muscles and shoulder."

Judith is keeping notes on this case and we will hopefully have a full picture in the new year of its progress.

Judith also shared the following testimonial with PhysioPod™ UK Ltd recently regarding Thomas The Rottweiler when DEEP OSCILLATION® was regularly applied  to his arthritic elbows.