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Complementary and Sports Massage Therapist

United Kingdom
EN10 6PR
Telephone 01992 442 337
Mobile 07917 880 785

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  • Aromatherapy massage - \"it doesn\'t just smell good\" it is beneficial for so many everyday complaints.

  • Relaxation of muscles, reducing stress levels, detoxifying the system, alleviation of pain.

  • Brant uses the Hivamat 200, through gloved hands to apply DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy, traveling 8cm through all tissue layers including effects in the connective tissue.

  • Read the article where Firefighter Brant dragged a man from a burning car when off duty. (left)

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About Brant Baker:

"I am 43 years old and have been a full time firefighter in London for the last 23 years. Prior to qualifying in massage, I used to give massages to friends and family and was informed I had the knack! So I decided to establish my skills and take a Diploma in Sports Massage, which I passed with the NLSSM and acquired a Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology.  I have now been massaging for three years and work to the standards and ethics for my profession. I feel I provide a good standard of service at a reasonable price. I take great pride in my work and feel I offer an efficient service to all of my clients.  I now offer sports massage and general/aromotherapy and hot stone massage for relaxation . After DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy I like to complete the session with oils."

Patient Testimonial of Brant Baker:

"I have known and worked with Brant over a number of years and have seen him for treatment on an injury to my shoulder, arm and neck. When he first used the machine on me, it was a strange feeling that you get used to after a few minutes. The response has been great and I am now able to sleep on that side of the body. Brant has seen me on a number of occasions and uses the machine to give treatments as well as a hands on massage, he has a firm massage technique and you know you have received a refreshing relaxing massage. There are times where you feel his hands get hot during the massage. He isn't extortionate in his prices and I feel you get good value for your money from a friendly therapist"

Brants thoughts on PhysioPod UK Limited

Since I purchased the Hivamat 200 from Julie and Mary I have received excellent customer aftercare service and I now consider them to be my friends.


Brant recently appeared in The Daily Mail hailed when off duty he dragged a man from a burning car, read about it here...