Analysis of 44 DEEP OSCILLATION® Treatments in Physiotherapy

Carried out by Chris Boynes, Consultant Chartered Sports and Spinal Physiotherapist


Number of treatments carried out:  44

Duration of DEEP OSCILLATION® treatments:  40 minutes

Protocol:   200 Hz – 20 minutes, 60 Hz – 20 minutes

Method:    via yinyl gloved hands



A further 20 minutes was allowed for: connective tissue release, myofascial release, joint mobilisations and manipulations, specific exercise rehabilitation, diagnostic and functional taping, home exercise work


48 % Good improvement with noticeable change

21% Excellent result

11% No real change

9% Very Good result

9% Minimal improvement

2% no improvement


Excellent results achieved

Chronic cervical spine with increased connective tissue tension

Neck and thoracic spine

Chronic tennis elbow

Very Good Results achieved

Degenerative Achilles tendon rupture with lots of swelling in calf etc

Good improvement with a noticeable change

Chronic lower back problems

Ankle and knee trauma with large soft tissue swelling, myofascial tear as well as muscular damage

Neck th/spine

Calf mm tension/overworked

Neck and thoracic spine

Neck, shoulders and lower back

Post ACL trauma / swelling

Ankle trauma/swelling

Knee and patella-femoral swelling – probably low grade synovitis

Spinal / tissue tension

Ok/minimal improvement

Calf tightness post spinal nerve compression release (2 treatments)

Spinal (2 treatments)

Shoulder tension/tight connective tissue (1 treatment)

No real change

Acute overactive TE - (2 treatments) – no real change

Spinal – (1 treatment) no real changes

Chronic spinal – (2 treatments) – no real changes

No improvement:

Chronic spinal / headaches – (1 treatment) 


DEEP OSCILLATION® Clinically Documented Effects

The a-thermal mechanical mode of action of DEEP OSCILLATION® can induce the following clinically documented effects in treated tissue to an 8cm depth:

• Strong pain-alleviating potential. This applies to acute traumatic as well as to chronic pain conditions
• Anti-inflammatory effect
• Prevention and reduction of secondary and primary lymphoedema
• Prevention of fibrotic remodelling processes, reduction of fibrosis
• Muscle relaxation, promotion of physical activity, mobilisation
• Support of wound healing processes
• Normalisation of haemodynamic parameters of the skin, correction of aesthetic-neurotic problems and influence on biological ageing through preventive effects on premature ageing




About Chris Boynes Physio

Chris Boynes is a very proactive and experienced chartered sports and musculo-skeletal physiotherapist with a previous degree in Physical Education. He has worked with elite athletes across a wide range of sports for more than twenty years. For six years he worked in professional rugby as Club Physio to London Irish RFC. He has toured with the England U19 Football team and worked with GB athletes in disciplines as varied as gymnastics, weightlifting, boxing, field and track athletics and badminton. .

An expert in sports injury management and sports rehabilitation, Chris recognises the importance of working with young athletes to reduce the risk of potential injury and enhance sports performance. 

He has lectured on sports injury management, sports rehabilitation and taping techniques to chartered physiotherapists, osteopaths and other medical professionals in the UK and abroad. He also worked closely with the Spinal Foundation, treating patients suffering with complex back problems.

Chris takes a very lateral approach to treatment, using techniques from other disciplines, such as acupuncture and osteopathy, alongside his wide ranging physiotherapy skills and background in physical education and fitness. He successfully uses Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) to treat a variety of musculo-skeletal problems and has become a respected lecturer in this area of therapy. His priority is always to get rid of your pain. Then he will treat the injury, helping you understand what has caused the problem and working with you to restore normal function.

A former marathon runner and martial artist, Chris continues to cycle and run near his home in North Norfolk.


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