Fairy Godmothers Do Exist by Tammy Peat BSc (Hons)

"I have had a Hivamat Deep Oscillation unit for many years in my MLD practice. I’ve reached the stage where I really don’t think I’d function properly without it.  At first I used it tentatively with my Vodder MLD technique, as I had to be convinced that it worked and this is where my story starts ....

Less than 24 hours post operatively, I set about treating both knees to reduce pain, oedema and promote the healing process. Subsequently, every day following that, I used Deep Oscillation and several times in the day used ice therapy. It was of instantaneous benefit and a realisation that my Hivamat did indeed have magical properties after all, just as my Fairy Godmothers had said. I was desperate to get back to work to show my clients how fantastic Deep Oscillation therapy was and is to this day.

A week after surgery I was booked in to have Physiotherapy, but on assessing my knees my physiotherapist told me that I didn’t need any treatment, as my knees were so good and he asked me the secret to my fast rehabilitation ... on telling him I had a «magical healing weapon« I was discharged! This was the beginning of a beautiful story of therapist meets Hivamat.

I use Hivamat Deep Oscillation now on 98% of my patients, for not only does it reduce by a third my treatment time per client, achieving even better results than MLD alone ,but it is less tiring for me as a practitioner and my hands get a wonderful ´buzz’ treatment simultaneously.

I find that on Lymphoedema patients, be it primary or secondary, the effects are significant and similarly very often « magical » especially in softening chronic fibrosis .... on Lipoedema, a very painful condition, Deep Oscillation is equally a life-saver .

During the COVID era, I am seeing a huge rise in Cosmetic surgery clients and once again my Hivamat is like my ‘trusted magical Steed’ .....

Clients who are sore and bruised from surgery find the DOT and MLD a hugely analgesic treatment with oedema draining significantly on first treatment .... bruising reduction , post-operative swelling reduction and softer better contoured tissues are attained much more swiftly than with MLD alone. 

Of course, MLD alone has its place too, I don’t deny that, but my experience has shown me that 9.9 times out of 10 treatments with DOT are astounding!

I use DOT now with both my Vodder and « Fill and Flush » techniques with great results and I have now taken it as successfully into the Equine MLD field ,in which I am also certified .

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