Testimonials appertaining to the treatment and maintenance of Truncal Lymphoedema with DEEP OSCILLATION® including self management

Truncal Lymphoedema - Bi-lateral mastectomies left Elizabeth with truncal Lymphoedema and Lymphoedema of the arms. A new treatment method with the Hivamat 200 was offered by her MLD therapist producing impressive results with a reduction in swelling, pain and softened scar tissue. After discussion with her therapist, Elizabeth decided to invest in a DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Unit and reports that she is very pleased with her decision.

Deep Oscillation Review by Gaynor Leech, Lymphoedema Patient Advocate and L-W-O Founder - A personal review and from the perspective of the L-W-O Founder

Lymphoedema of the arm, neck and trunk -self treatment - "My Lymphoedema was first diagnosed in 2004, in my left arm following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. Until 2014, I believed that I had it under control - with simple compression sleeves for the affected arm. I also believed what I was I was told - that typically such Lymphoedema only affected the arm adjacent to the surgery.

The 'PhysioPod' - A Lifeline in Lymphoedema Self-Management during the COVID-19 Situation - "On March 12th of this year, I had my last swim for what may be a very long time.  With my growing awareness of the COVID-19 situation, it felt as though self-isolation would be a sensible precaution for me to take. Alarmed and alert, but not panicking.  All of us with long standing Lymphoedema know how important it is to take good care of ourselves, we’ve developed our strategies and we’ve taken them into our daily stride, haven’t we? And we deal with it.