Truncal Lymphoedema and Lymphoedema of the arms-Elizabeth

Truncal Lymphoedema and Lymphoedema of the arms - Elizabeth

Bi-lateral mastectomies left Elizabeth with truncal Lymphoedema and Lymphoedema of the arms. A new treatment method with the Hivamat 200 was offered by her MLD therapist producing impressive results with a reduction in swelling, pain and softened scar tissue. After discussion with her therapist, Elizabeth decided to invest in a DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Unit and reports that she is very pleased with her decision.

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arm lymphoedema

The HIVAMAT® 200 is used combined with manual lymphatic drainage from the therapist


"I developed lymphoedema of the trunk and arms after my second mastectomy nearly 3 years ago.  At first my therapist was using MLD and a Ryan Corp laser unit, but then she bought a HIVAMAT® 200. The results were impressive, the swelling reduced, the pain diminished and scar tissue softened. My body really felt the benefit of the HIVAMAT® 200. My therapist told of other patients benefitting also from the treatment. Earlier this year I decided to buy the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS. I have not been disappointed, although it took a few sessions to get used to treating myself with the unit!


The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal SPORTS is used for self treatment between visits to the MLD therapist

It has a card dedicated to my lymphoedema needs and another ‘sports’ one for sports injuries and other aches and pains, which I use for my badly smashed kneecap to relieve pain and swelling.  The unit is easy to use and recharge, it’s very portable for taking on holiday in its own case. I use it between sessions with my therapists to keep my swelling in check. My husband can also be involved in my treatment now. I am pleased I bought the personal machine and grateful to Physiopod and my therapist for their help and support" Elizabeth Windridge

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