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SCMT Dip., MTI, FHT, MLDuk, CNHC registered

Therapy Room Sheffield
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Therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports & Remedial massage, Hot Stones massage, Manual Lymph Drainage
DEEP OSCILLATION®, Scar Tissue Release, Myofascial Release
Holistic Facial, Thai Yoga massage, Pregnancy massage, Partner massage
Seated Acupressure Massage
Rhythm Mobility


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Eva also works from the Stillpoint Practice, 25 Montgomery Road, Sheffield, S7 1LN, on Wednesday mornings. There are parking facilities.



Therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue massage, Sports and remedial massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Seated Acupressure massage

Training completed at Sheffield Centre for Massage Training


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Therapeutic massage, Deep Tissue massage, Sports and remedial massage (level 4), Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Seated Acupressure massage, Hot Stones, Muscle activation, Myofascial Release, Holistic Face massage,  Scar Tissue release, Chronic Pain Management


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Eva Weltermann SCMT Dip., MTI, FHT, MLDuk, CNHC registered



"My fascination with massage began at an early age, when massage was very much part of my childhood in Germany. My other passion are languages, and I hold a degree in Applied Languages and Cultural Studies from a German University. After working for 12 years as a translator, I decided to eventually train in Holistic Therapeutic Massage with the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training (SCMT), which laid the sound foundation for a person-centered, mindful approach to massage. In 2007, I made the switch from translator to massage therapist and have never looked back. Making this fascination my career did, however, only hook me more on the subject, and I have since trained in various forms of massage related bodywork.

What I would like to achieve with my work is, on the one hand to raise the client’s awareness of their own bodies and where they are holding tension, and on the other to provide them with the possibility of relaxing, unwinding, de-knotting mentally and physically. I believe that massage can help to break out of learned postural patterns, and we may do a postural analysis to see get a better picture of where you are holding your tension. By integrating effective techniques into the massage session, you will get a longer lasting benefit and relief from soft tissue related conditions. Aftercare advice may include advice on self-massage to tackle trigger points and particularly tight areas in between sessions.

My training includes therapeutic and deep tissue massage (including trigger point techniques), myofascial release, seated acupressure massage, the Dr Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), and holistic sports & remedial massage. Research and continuous professional training ensure that I am up to date with my knowledge.

As a receiver of plenty of massage myself, I know that client comfort is an important prerequisite to be able to fully let go. You can expect hot towels, a highly adjustable table in any of the venue I work from, and of course plenty of cushions for support – not as a luxury, but standard.

I started work as an assistant teacher on SCMT massage courses in 2008 and was formally accredited as a massage tutor by the Massage Training Institute at the beginning of 2013, after having completed a teaching qualification (CTLLS). An enhanced CRB check means I can work with children and vulnerable adults.

I am working from two locations in Nether Edge, the Therapy Room which is dedicated to massage as well as the Stillpoint Practice on 25 Montgomery Road where I work alongside a dedicated team of complementary health practitioners of various disciplines"

Holds 'Enhanced CRB check' and insured with Balens


Marilla Homes

DipRemMassage* (SSNT), CertIV Massage** (SSNT), CFP*** (Australian Feldenkrais Institute), FGUK, MLD UK – CDT/DLT (Vodder), CNHC reg.


"Movement is life. Without movement, there is no life. I love working with people who want to improve their quality of life, and I do that by helping them improve their quality of movement.

I have always loved giving massages – as a teenager my friends used to ask me to sort out sore necks, backs and shoulders. While studying music performance as a classical singer at university in Melbourne, Australia, I was introduced to all sorts of body work modalities, including remedial massage and the Feldenkrais Method.

Eventually my natural interest and skill turned into a trained professional career, which I was following whilst doing a masters degree in music performance.

I ran my own business, the Opera Studio & Wellbeing Centre, which combined all three interests. My clients ranged from students to professional musicians, singers, actors and athletes, from children to aged and palliative care. They included people with healthy bodies wishing to improve their day to day functionality or performance, people with acquired brain injuries, chronic pain, CFS, CP, MS, Parkinsons, stroke patients, amputees, mental health issues, rehab clients and pregnant women. There were labourers, office workers, managers, firefighters, farmers, artists. There were children with development or learning difficulties. There were people wanting to function better in their everyday life, at work and at home.

I taught Feldenkrais classes at the Victorian College of the Arts and Music, University of Melbourne to Music, Drama, Dance and Music Theatre students. I also taught massage and remedial massage at the Victorian Fitness Academy. I now live in Sheffield, and have joined the team at Therapy Room Sheffield.

I am passionate about helping my clients feel better, and work towards the optimal functioning of their body. Anything you are good at, you can get better at!
What is it that you are interested in? What are you curious about? Are you making the most comfortable and efficient use of your body? Do you want to move more freely? Make an appointment, and let’s see what we can discover together.

*Diploma of Remedial Massage, **Certificate IV Massage Therapy Practice – Southern School of Natural Therapies, Melbourne Australia; ***CFP= Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner (Melb3 FPTP), MMusPerf (VCAM), BMus (Uni Melbourne), CertIV TAE, DBS Check, CNHC registered"


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