The Relaxation Experience of Deep Oscillation in Tyne and Wear

After seven years of use, Clare provides valuable feedback of her effective use of internationally patented, Deep Oscillation electrostatic massage therapy. Based in the Tyne and Wear area, Clare is hugely looking forward to re-opening after being closed these last few months due to the COVID19 pandemic. "I have dearly missed all of my clients and hope they have stayed positive and safe during this challenging time.  I have received so many kind messages during Lockdown and I am so looking forward to treating again. I am sure my clients now really feel like some ‘me therapy time’ - it's long overdue and well deserved! Indulging in relaxation, staying healthy and strong, is now more important than ever"

"Since investing in Deep Oscillation (DOT) seven years ago, the therapy has certainly opened many more avenues for me as a Masseuse, as I am now able to help clients reduce healing rates, reduce inflammation/swelling and improve aesthetic appearance.

DOT provides so many benefits for my clients. Here are important good examples:-

No 6-week healing wait

If a client came to see me following a fall/injury I would not be able to treat them as I would need to wait 6 weeks following the healing process.

However now with DOT the sooner I treat the client the faster their recovery (by 50%)


Pre and post surgery/scar tissue

I can now treat scarring. DOT can help with scar tightness, improves range of movement, reduces redness/inflammation and helps with scar appearance/thickness.
Clients have often never heard of such a massage therapy with this benefit. I have treated clients following procedures such as carpal tunnel release and knee replacement surgery. Major benefit/result: Back driving within 3-4 weeks (normally 12 weeks).

Breast reduction/enlargement

Major benefits: Able to brush hair and dress unassisted within 3-4 weeks (normally 12 weeks).

Venous incompetence/disorder (blood not flowing back to the heart properly)/oedema (swelling in the legs and ankles)

DOT is really effective in aiding circulation of both blood and lymph flow. Symptoms such as leg cramps, aching/throbbing and a feeling of leg heaviness are eased by using a low DOT frequency. When working on the lymphatic system (drainage) clients describe their legs feel lighter and feet/ankles stiffness reduced. Within 10 minutes of the treatment I can visually see a massive improvement in the reduction of swelling which then allows the client to carry out self stretches and exercises more comfortably and safely, straight after treatment.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

DOMS is such a common complaint that I come across. Many clients suffer from DOMS following a heavy workout one day after exercise, however the second day is normally the worse. More of us are pushing our bodies through extreme fitness regimes, setting challenging goals by participating in events such as The Great North Run, Tough Mudder and the Three Peaks Challenge. DOT can help with: A faster recovery after training: I have seen clients who have been doubled over and not been able to walk and also seen clients with chest soreness (pectoral area). Following DOT DOMS literally disappears the next day so clients can return to daily life and fitness without having to suffer.

Reduces risk of injury, increases flexibility and stamina:

I have seen cases where runners experience pain setting in their calf muscles and therefore effecting their running distance. Within one month of fortnightly DOT treatments I see clients gaining improvement i.e. muscle soreness kicks in later or subsides, stamina is improved giving clients more confidence in their fitness ability.

The above are just some examples of the types of conditions I have been able to help clients with but there are so many;

  • Arthritis (safe to treat as with hands-on alone massage not allowed/contra-indicated).
  • Eases Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD)
  • Sinusitis/ migraines/headaches as works as a facial muscle relaxant.
  • Aesthetics: anti-ageing (improves elasticity), lifts & tones (cellulite).

Benefits of Gloved Hands

When I carry out a DOT treatment vibrations come from my gloved hands (worn the whole time). Not only does DOT heighten the treatment for the patient (providing a more prolonged effect than hands-on massage alone), DOT also enhances what I can feel through my hands/fingertips, feeling areas of muscular tension, scar tissue and muscular fibrosis (tension knots) more distinctively. Various vibration frequencies are selected depending on the client’s clinical needs. An added bonus is that there are only 2 types of clients I cannot treat pregnant ladies and those with an untreated heart problem.

I recommend watching my short DOT videos, so you can see and understand how DOT works (Facebook: @therelaxationexperience). You will be amazed at what you see and will want to experience DOT for yourself! I am proud to report that I am one of two companies who provide DOT within the Tyne & Wear area.


Exciting News: The Relaxation Experience is reopening soon..



Deep Oscillation Sports Therapist & Holistic Therapist

The Relaxation Experience,
07946 589877 / Facebook:@therelaxationexperience

Treatments  will be carried out in compliance with government guidelines; safely and effectively. Additional preventative measures are now in place such as wearing gloves/a mask and with a shortened treatment time of 40 minutes. As standard operating practice all equipment is regularly sanitised and replaced where applicable.

No need to leave home: If leaving home is a concern, no need to worry - a wide range of holistic therapies can be brought to you:

Deep Oscillation Sports Therapy (DOT) – vibrations permeate 8cm depth without any discomfort and with prolonged effects, easing the respiratory and boosting the immune system.

Heated Priadara Thai-Style (herbal compressions: 17 ingredients) – pressed/kneaded into muscle groups, re-educating posture. Available as a Body, Face (coconut) treatment and even as part of an Indian Head Massage.

With the additional life challenges our bodies and minds are coping with. We are having to make more difficult decisions causing stress and having an effect on our body and mind. Undergoing a massage therapy every 4-6 weeks has many benefits for example:

Helps to boost your immune system
Eases your mind 
Fitness related: helps reduce your risk of injury
Highlights areas being affected without the client even realising

Every treatment is adapted to clients particular needs.

I look forward to seeing you soon, Clare."


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