Diary of a Hivamat-aholic - By Nikki Denison

We had to smile when we received this from Nikki. Julie and I think that we might have created a great number of Hivamat-aholics since 2007!

My addiction began several years ago not long after I’d qualified in MLD and I went to work with the fabulous Denise Hardy at Kendal Lymphology. She had a HIVAMAT 200 that we all shared and I was always so disappointed if I couldn’t use it. It was simple to use. Patients loved it. Results improved. Why wouldn’t you fall in love? So, I decided to invest in my own, then I could use it in my private practice (Sports Therapy and MLD) and take it to Kendal when working there and never be without it again... mwahahaha!!!! 

Over the years I’ve had my HIVAMAT I have begun to use it not just for MLD with lymphoedema clients but with lipoedema too. I worked twice with the Physiopod ladies at the Lipoedema UK conferences giving treatments to attendees. So many were nervous it would hurt, especially as they find their legs to be tender to touch, it was so nice to be able to reassure them that not only would this be light and not hurt but how much better they would feel afterwards. It was a delight to watch their faces as we worked and chatted, breaking down the nerves and embarrassment some of them felt about their legs as they received treatment. Then, once we had finished, to see the amazement on their faces about how a short sample session had such an impact on how their legs felt; lighter, easier, freer. I hope they went on to find therapists to continue treatment with.

‘Monday 11:00am - a call to say he’s arrived and left it with a neighbour!! I nearly had six fits! However, as he knows me so well and knows there’s no cake if this goes wrong, he rang Julie to check it was okay first and even got Julie to describe her neighbour before he handed it over. He’s a good-un, and no, none of you can have him!’

Monday 1:30pm - he’s home safe and sound.

So, what else have me and Bert been up to? I have used deep oscillation on and off over the years in my sports and massage work but I now use it much more. I find that deep tissue work has begun to take a toll on my hands and wrists so why not use Bert to help me out, not only do my clients love it (it gets into the sore points with less pain for them), I also benefit by having the oscillation going through my hands too providing much needed relief.

I have also had a large increase in post-op liposuction and abdominoplasty MLD clients in the past few years. I received 5 enquiries within two weeks this March, which made me chuckle once I realised that elective surgery was back up and running and everyone was rushing to get things done before lockdown started to lift and they could recover in secret till then. I love the HIVAMAT for these treatments, it is so effective and provides an instant relief for the tightness from swelling, decreases the bruising and over time you see much smoother results in the tissue. The clients like it as it doesn’t hurt and they feel they can move much easier and recover quicker.  


Nikki Denison

MLD UK, Vodder MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist, Sports and Complementary Therapist

Leeds LS20 8AR
United Kingdom

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