Tennis Coach Finds Magcell Electrode Free Electrotherapy Easy and Effective

"At the beginning of 2021, with no return date on the horizon to my job as a Tennis Coach, I decided to start running to keep my fitness levels up. I was running daily for around two months. The length of the runs ranged from 5/10k a day to 20k. I stopped a week before I returned to work on 27th March because I was noticing left knee pain (which I self-diagnosed as ‘runners’ knee’ (with the aid of Dr Google!). My symptoms matched those described, it was a sharp pain which worsened when running or walking downhill; the down force on the knee cap set the pain off. I stopped running to rest the knee hoping it would be okay for work as I can be on court up to 8 hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week.

Two weeks after I returned to work, I was coaching Mary Fickling, Co-Director at PhysioPod and during the lesson I had to stop play momentarily because of the pain and I explained to Mary what I had been doing. Not promising it would work, said “you should try the Magcell Microcirc Steve” - she explained it was magnetic therapy in a hand-held device and even though small, it was ten times stronger than other magnetic devices on the market.

We hit again on the Thursday that week and she brought the device in to show me. She explained how to work with it, with the instruction that I would hold on my knee for 3 x 5 mins, three times a day, morning, noon and night. If you know Mary, she is quite strict :-), she also checked the contraindications with me and I was good to go. I am 41 and in all other respects, very fit and healthy.

Mary said that I could use the Magcell for three weeks, if it was going to help, it would help in that time period. I’ll be honest, with the hours I keep, I found it difficult to use it three times a day, I sometimes coach in the evening until late and I am sometimes on court very early in the morning. But, that said, I used it every single night whilst sat on the floor when I got home, between 5 and 9 times depending on what time I got in.

After 5-6 days, the pain completely disappeared, but Mary was adamant I should keep using for the 3-week period. It is very, very, easy to use and the gentle whirring of the magnets is relaxing and - it definitely works. I can actually see it working on tennis/golfers’ elbow and so at the moment I am thinking which of my clients would also benefit from a short trial.

I returned it today to Mary and I thank her for the trial and the effective result, enabling me to continue doing what I love, coaching clients, without pain. Cheers Mary, you are a star!"


Stephen Tooley (BSc Hons) LTA Accredited Coach


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