Stress Reduction for Lymphoedema by Kathleen Lisson, CLT

Lymphoedema is more than just a bit of stubborn swelling it's a lifelong condition that affects body, mind and spirit. Stress Reduction for Lymphoedema takes a look at published research on mind-body practices that may reduce the negative effects of stress in people with lymphoedema, with step-by-step instructions so you can try many of the practices yourself or with a caregiver or loved one.



Stress reduction activities include:

  • Breathwork protocols recommended for people with lymphedema
  • Mindfulness exercises from a lymphoedema program in India
  • Holistic practices including acupuncture for people with lymphoedema and a progressive muscle relaxation routine that may improve the effects of decongestive therapy
  • Movement-based activities like qi gong and taiso for upper limb lymphoedema and yoga for upper and lower limb lymphoedema

This book is a must-read for people with lymphoedema looking for evidence-based approaches to reduce the symptoms of stress.