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Sophie Moorwood Sports Therapy
United Kingdom

Telephone 01142670010 - Mobile 07730329843

  • Telephone 01142670010 - Mobile 07730329843

  • DEEP OSCILLATION is used in the acute injury stage to accelerate the healing process by as much as 50%. The therapy permeates an 8cm depth through all tissue layers gently yet effectively getting to the core of pain, swelling and inflammation. In chronic conditions pain is reduced and hardened scar tissue broken down.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION is applied via gloved hands, the treatment frequency is reflected in the pattern on the surface of the skin.

  • Sophie uses the HIVAMAT200 and is impressed with the results she has achieved so far.

Business opening hours:


Monday & Thursday 9am – 6pm

Insured with Balens


Therapies offered:



Sports Massage

Using deeper massage techniques for treating more active individuals. Primarily developed for sports performance and injury recuperation this form of massage can be of benefit in many areas of physical activity.

Helping improve physical performance.
Increasing flexibility and suppleness.
Speeding up recovery time from training and physical activity.
Helping restricted movement and overuse injuries.
Helping prevent minor injuries developing into chronic overuse injuries.
Aiding sporting performance with pre-event massage.

Treatment are enhanced by the use of the Hivamat Deep Oscillation system.


Mobile therapy


Offered to Sports Clubs up to 45 minutes drive.


Relevant qualifications:

Active Health Group, Advanced Level 5 Diploma in Clinical Sports Therapy, Distinction


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