Self Management With DEEP OSCILLATION® For Secondary Lymphoedema Enables Patient To Feel In Control

"I have had Lymphoedema in my left arm for about 4 years. I felt in constant confusion and anxiety about the vague management instructions one receives for this lifelong chronic condition and the variability of the swelling – which I seemed unable to influence or control very much. Last year quite suddenly my arm started to deteriorate quickly and I began to get desperate. I decided to imagine I was newly diagnosed and started researching best possible treatments from scratch. I found Deep Oscillation Therapy.

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I had never heard of DOT, and came across it when looking for MLD therapists.  I was considering paying for private MLD treatments as my local Lymphoedema service doesn’t offer them to people with moderate lymphoedema like mine.

I rang Jane Michie of MLD Cares, Hexham and discussed MLD and DOT and decided to go for a trial combined treatment. I have never looked back.  Since I began treatments my arm is consistently almost the same size as my non–affected arm, it is consistently a better shape, and if it does swell slightly I know I have a treatment coming up that will reduce the swelling. 

Recently I got bitten by horsefly and had a bad bout of cellulitis. After the infection was gone I had an extra treatment and was instantly back to my normal for me shape and size – so there was no long term impact at all, which I had been worried about during my battle to get on top of the cellulitis.

I am feeling in control of my body again, not desperate and anxious, but in control, and like the condition is manageable, and that I can live successfully with it. This feeling is even more secure now that I have bought my own Hivamat (small DOT machine) from Mary and Julie at Physiopod. What a great investment – Its easy to use, especially with the clear instructions and support you receive with the machine, and over the phone. I take it everywhere with me – so for example after a flight I can give myself a few treatments and reduce the swelling I always get from flying.  This is great as I don’t have to spend a business trip or holiday with a larger than usual left arm. 

I am convinced my body has now started to use alternative pathways for the lymphatic fluid as I am getting much less swelling overall than I used to, and am able to reduce the frequency of my treatments at MLD cares as a result.

I can’t recommend DOT and Physiopod highly enough, and if you happen to be in the North of England, Jane Michie is a wonderful MLD DOT therapist."