Secondary Breast Lymphoedema: Marked Improvement By Third Day of Self-Treatment with Deep Oscillation

"I was diagnosed with Lymphodema of the right breast after breast cancer surgery and lymph node clearance from my right armpit 15 months ago. Consequently I had 6 sessions of deep oscillation therapy booked with my local hospital but was only able to have 2 of them due to COVID restrictions. As a result the swelling and hardness of the tissues in my breast became very painful despite using manual massage to try and get the lymph fluid moving..


"After researching the internet, I realised the machine the Nurse was using was the Physiopod and reading the information on the website meant I could purchase a Physiopod personal machine or hire one for a number of weeks. I decided to hire one to see if it would have any effect on softening the tissue and moving the lymph fluid.

As I had already had 2 sessions, I knew how to use the applicator and machine to get the best results. Julie had pre programmed a Data card for me with 3 different vibration Power levels which in total allowed for 30 minutes treatment.

The main advantage for me was that I could use the machine in the comfort of my own home as many times as I wished instead of having six 30 minute appointments spread over three weeks with the NHS, so initially I used it twice a day. I started seeing and feeling results from the third day, the swelling and pressure inside the breast has gone and the tissue has softened noticeably.

This is a very easy machine to use,  it arrived with two different sized applicator heads & full instructions and is actually an incredibly relaxing treatment. Julie had also enclosed a sports therapy data card as well for me to try and I used this on my shoulders and elbows for muscular pain relief.

As an alternative to using the applicators this machine has a very clever device that meant my husband could treat my shoulders by attaching a pad to his wrist and wearing a pair of viny gloves which enabled the vibration to transfer directly throughhis hands to my back - Amazing!!! Like having “magic” hands.

I would totally recommend this machine and also the customer service I received from Julie, any queries I had were dealt with straight away, I was quite sceptical initially, not really believing that oscillation therapy could make much difference but I can honestly say that for me this machine really does work!!"

Mrs F

July 2020.


Deep Oscillation is applied via gloved hands or applicator from therapist to patient and via applicator in self management


Clinical Effects

In contrast to externally applied, mechanical forms of therapy, (e.g. vibration), the therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® takes place in the tissue itself and works through the entire depth of the tissue layers (skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels)

This causes DEEP OSCILLATION® to be especially gentle and makes it an unmatched treatment alternative for fresh trauma, postoperative, for acute pain and in the area of open wounds. Proof was established in representative studies of the following significant effects of DEEP OSCILLATION®:

Encouraging wounds to heal

DEEP OSCILLATION® helps in speeding up and improving wound healing processes. Through the oedema-reducing and anti inflammatory effect, the local metabolic elimination and alimentation is improved in all tissue layers, whereby tissue regeneration and wound closure are encouraged on many levels. This is documented by the significant improvement in planimetric and biochemical parameters of the wound healing.

Pain Reduction

DEEP OSCILLATION® alleviates pain by reallocating and flushing out pain transmitting and mediating substances. It suppresses inflammation and oedema induced pain by restricting pro inflammatory cell movement to the damaged area, by reducing the inflammatory mediator release, and by oedema reduction.


In chronic pain syndromes and posttraumatic conditions reduced mobility often is caused by constricted microcirculation due to increased tone of the muscles encasing capillary vessels. DEEP OSCILLATION® is muscle relaxing, enables optimal metabolism and normalizing of defective nerve function. As a measurable sign range of movement can be obtained or even increased.

Anti Inflammatory

DEEP OSCILLATION® suppresses acute and chronic inflammation by restricting pro-inflammatory cell movement to the damaged area, by reducing the inflammatory mediator release, and by inhibiting water and protein leakage from the blood and lymph vessels.

Oedema and Fibrosis Reduction

On the level of the interstitium, DEEP OSCILLATION® causes a »Shuffling« of the basic substance, thus promoting the removal of interstitial fluid as well as content material. Interstitial septa and fissures are kept open by the mechanical activation, which helps interstitial drainage. This significantly reduces both local oedema and aseptic inflammation. Proof was also established of a significant reduction in swellings in the area of the wound, due to the treatment. In chronic conditions the treatment helps to disperse fibrosis and to diminish hardening of the tissue.


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