Sara Ball

BSc (Hons) ST, Dip ST, LTA Cert lymphoedema and lipoedema. Level 3 Dip reflexology.

26 Shermanbury Road
West Sussex
BN14 7HR
Mobile 07725 172 031

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Compression Bandaging
Lymphatic Drainage Sessions
Post Operation Recovery MLD
Sports Massage


*DEEP OSCILLATION® is now offered in clinic, combined with massage techniques and MLD to provide relief for the following:

Acute and chronic pain
Burns Healing
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
Chronic Oedema
Cording Post-Breast Cancer Surgery
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Fracture healing (post-traumatic)
Natural Anti-Aging (dark circles, swollen eyelids, eye bags, skin improvement)
Pre and Post General Surgery (including Endoprosthesis and Osteosynthesis)
Pre and Post Liposuction (cosmetic, lymphoedema, lipoedema liposuction)
Pre and Post Plastic Surgery, Breast Reconstruction
Wound Healing Disorders
Lymphoedema (Pediatric)

Deep Oscillation is a clinically proven gentle yet powerful, electrostatic lymphatic drainage massage that permeates an 8 cm tissue depth.  The impulses are delivered by the gloved hands of the therapist, significantly reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation, promoting mobility and wellbeing. Applicable in the early post-operative stage due to its gentle nature.



In contrast to externally applied, mechanical forms of therapy, (e.g., vibration), the therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION® takes place in the tissue itself. It works through the entire depth of the tissue layers (skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels) to a depth of 8 cm.

DEEP OSCILLATION® can be applied from the first day post-operatively, which means patients can rehabilitate in a far quicker timeframe than has previously been possible. Bruising, swelling, and pain reduce as the daily treatment works on shuffling and transporting the excess inflammatory matter (in evidence after surgery) to the lymph system for removal. Once the area is drained, it can regenerate

What happens in treatment?

For treatment, the client holds a titanium bar, the therapist wears thin vinyl gloves, and an electrode is attached to their arm. Both the electrode and the bar are connected to the machine. Alternatively, a special applicator can be used, which also enables post-operation self-treatment. Deep Oscillation can be applied in any external location: face (including over eyelids), breasts, arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen, etc.


Qualifications and Training

BSc (Hons) Sports therapy
Diploma sports therapy
Level 3 diploma reflexology
LTA Cert fill and flush. LTA Cert lipoedema specialist

Other Information

Insured with Balens



About Sara Ball

MLD Therapies is a small private clinic, based in Tarring, that specialises in the advanced management of lymphoedema. As a practitioner, Sara originally qualified in 2005 as a sports therapist but also has a background in oncology massage and reflexology. She has more recently focused her skills on lymphatic drainage with the pioneering leaders at the Lymphoedema Training Academy. Through these links, she has found a field of healthcare where the local need for up-to-date specialist care outstrips provision. Our current patient base is made up of individuals with a variety of lymphoedema backgrounds, however, patients with a compromised lymphatic system, for example, post node removal, is a real area of interest and passion.

Sara's broad range of experiences within the therapy industry and having worked for more than 10 years at Park View Acupuncture and Chiropractic Clinic in Worthing have helped shape Sara's development. This has given her the desire, skills and experience to specialise in high-quality therapy approaches for clients across West Sussex and is the driving force behind the growth of MLD Therapies.

How did you hear about DEEP OSCILLATION®? What prompted you to buy?

A practitioner who uses it.

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Great and very helpful.