Roxanne Ashkar Physiotherapist Talks Deep Oscillation

"I was forced to buy Deep Oscillation when I joined our friends at Anti-Aging Art in South Africa. Being a physiotherapist, you are always trying to find ways to help your patients, particularly the ones in pain.


I was asked to come up with some ideas to aid patients who had engaged in Cooltech Cryolipolysis. For those of you who don’t know what that is.... it’s fat freezing. That’s right. Your fat gets sucked into a machine and cooled to sub zero temperatures for up to 70 minutes resulting in lipolysis - fat cell death. 

Comes with consequences though, in that tissue can get overstretched and fascia damaged. 


We needed something that could gently return the tissue back to normal temperature, without heating it up, restore circulation, without heating it up, restore lymph drainage, without heating it up and reduce the possible negative outcome of fascial trauma. 

Cue deep Oscillation, now an integral complimentary therapy to every patient who undergoes Cooltech at Antiagingart, no downtime, no pain. Rehab of tissue back to full functionality ( minus a few fat cells)

Deep Oscillation also used in our physios rooms for gentle treatment of acute and inflamed conditions and injuries.

We love Deep Oscillation!

Roxanne Ashkar