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"I broke my wrist six weeks after becoming self employed and being a physio. I was very concerned about regaining full use of it again. I was left with residual swelling and bad pins and needles. Robyn Treated me with the deep oscillation therapy and I couldn't believe the results (I have always been a sceptic with such therapies). Straight away the sensation in my hand started changing and within 24 hours the pins and needles were much improved. A further few treatments and it really did feel so much better! The pins and needles reduced significantly and the movement in my hand made huge improvements as well. I have since then recommended Robyn to several of my clients and they too have found very positive effects. Highly recommended"

Nadia Kopec - Physiotherapist & Veterinary Physiotherapist


"The deep oscillation massage was wonderful in providing relief to my back pain, when I was unable to tolerate any other form of massage"

Mrs R - Milton Keynes


"I saw Robyn after I had a nasty virus, which left me with incredibly swollen and painful joints - my knees and ankles in particular and I was totally exhausted. From arriving, she made me feel really relaxed and comfortable, insuring the treatment room was at a temperature I liked & offering me a drink. Robyn explained what she was going to do and managed my expectations as to what results I could expect to achieve from the treatments. She started with a wonderful back massage and was very attentive to areas that were tight and went back to areas that I had mentioned were sore. She followed with some deep oscillation to my knees and ankles to relieve some of the swelling and pain. Robyn then did an incredibly thorough and enlightening reflexology session on me. Her knowledge was fascinating and the pressure she used on my feet was better than anyone I had been to before. She knew what she was doing and where to go to get the right results. I left feeling invigorated and relaxed at the same time and I have to say my knees have not been anywhere near as sore as they were before I went in. A first class therapist, who I can't wait to see again"

Miss Hill - Bedfordshire



VTCT Diploma in Holistic Therapies

Jing Advanced Clinical Massage Foundation Certificate

British School Of Reflexology - The Refresher Course

The Holistic Academy - Warm Bamboo Massage

The Reflexology Academy - Reflexology for Women's Health


Insured with Balens


Federation of Holistic Therapists


Personal Profile 


Robyn is a highly qualified massage therapist and reflexologist, initially qualifying many years ago, but taking a change in direction in recent years. An accident involving a Lurcher named Twiggy and a transit van in 2016, re-ignited her interest in massage, it being a vital component of Twiggy's 15 months of rehabilitation following 2 complex operations.

Robyn initially trained locally in holistic therapies on a 960 hour full time course. In February 2017 she completed the Advanced Clinical Massage Foundation Course at Jing in Brighton (the leading massage school in the UK), under the expert tuition of Rachel Fairweather and Megan Mari and is also proficient in the use of the Hivamat Deep Oscillation machine (physiopod) along with warm bamboo massage. Refresher training in reflexology has taken place with Ann Gillanders (British School of Reflexology) and women's health reflexology with Hagar Basis (Reflexology Academy London). Near future plans include further training with Jing and possibly some of the Thomas Myers Anatomy trains courses along with further CPD courses in reflexology.

With over 1000 hours training behind her, Robyn is committed to providing a luxurious and quality massage and reflexology experience to her clients in the comfort of her welcoming therapy room in a barn in the Bedfordshire countryside, which is located next door to a beautiful B & B and yoga studio. She is passionate about the healing arts and easing soft tissue aches and pains, as well as being a strong believer in the restorative power of massage and reflexology and it's positive effects on the parasympathetic nervous system.

Whether you are looking for a gentle relaxing massage or a firmer deep tissue massage Robyn can provide this. She is fully insured with Balens and is a member of the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists).

Twiggy, pictured above (peeping through the Angelica!) and in some of the gallery photos, now runs around like a greyhound.


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How did you hear about DEEP OSCILLATION®? What prompted you to buy?
Through Rebecka Blenntoft who used Deep Oscillation on my dog Twiggy after being involved in road traffic accident.
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Very good