Pippa Inwood BSc (Hons) MSST

Pippa Inwood Sports Therapy
Reading and Berkshire

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Providing home visits in the comfort of your home around Reading and Berkshire

Now offering award-winning DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic massage therapy,

getting to the core of the problem without pressure


Speeding up rehabilitation from sporting and occupational injury.

Non-invasive treatment option for..

Muscle and Ligament Healing
Fracture healing (post traumatic) 
Pre and Post General Surgery (including Endoprosthesis and Osteosynthesis) 

Other Treatments 

Injury Assessment
Mobilisations Spinal & Peripheral
Ultrasound / Tens *premises vary
Exercise Prescription



BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy – Coventry University 2012-2015
Dry Needling, Advanced Dry Needling and Medical Acupuncture 2018 - Sports Therapy UK
Clinical Educators Course – Keele University
FA Level 4 intermediate Trauma Medical Management in Football – FA
FA Children’s safeguarding – Staffordshire FA
Adults Safeguarding – Skills for Care

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked


Personal Profile

Pippa Inwood BSc (Hons) MSST

Having had a fascination of first aid and injury rehabilitation from very early on, Pippa went to study Sports Therapy at Coventry University in 2012-2015 graduating with a 2:1.

Pippa started her career at Swan Physio in Staffordshire working as a Sports Therapist providing massage, injury treatments and weekly rehabilitation classes to a range of injuries and conditions. She also worked as a Clinical Assistant enabling her to gain knowledge and additional skills to manage long term chronic conditions. Here she joined her team working at Stoke City Football Club for the Girls Regional Talent Centre to provide excellent care for the girls and ladies squads to ensure they were match fit.

Upon moving to Reading, Pippa began her journey into Self Employment working in private clinics with assess to a gym for rehabilitation, in the comfort of clients’ homes and even using the local parks for return to play plans. In 2019, Pippa continue her work with Paediatric injuries joining the medical team part time at Reading Football Academy.

Special Interests: Sports Injuries, Lower Back Pain, Headaches and Arthritis
Additional Injury Experience: Rugby and Hockey
Hobbies: Hockey, Gym and Running.

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How did you hear about DEEP OSCILLATION®? What prompted you to buy?

I first met Mary and Julie at a previous workplace that brought the unit and used in clinic for a couple of years. Having relocated to Reading in 2018, I was missing the benefits that Deep Oscillation gave my clients. I just had to invest!!

How did you find dealing with PhysioPod UK Limited?

5 Stars – Great customer service

Which conditions did you find Deep Oscillation useful for when at Swan Physio?

There were quite a few treatments we used from acute to chronic conditions. The results we got meant the therapists were fighting over the machine. I don't think there was ever a setting I used and didn't get a result! I think my favourite settings had to be the bruising and Oedema settings for an acute injury, post-operative and chronic oedema as results could be seen instantly which clients were amazed by. Second to this we saw a lot of arthritic conditions in clinic meaning the Arthritis setting was very useful for our clients looking to manage their own symptoms. This was something we could add into their own programme and help set them up to enable them to treat themselves whilst having a cup of tea.

What was the effect of Deep Oscillation on your own hands?

Having almost 4 months from manual therapy during pandemic, my hands certainly had a well-deserved rest. However, returning to doing manual therapy came the return of the aching hands. Giving treatment to my clients has meant I've been getting much needed treatment on my hands as well.

How long did you not have Deep Oscillation for and what did you miss?

I left my previous clinic due to relocation in summer of 2018. 2 years have flown by!! But I still travel back to the clinic when visiting family for treatment both by the therapy team and for self-treatment. For me, I kept seeing conditions and injuries coming into clinic or on home visits where I knew the oscillator would be perfect to get into that area and have a better result. I just knew it was time to invest and to give my clients a boost in their treatment results.

Have you used it on anyone yet?

I've had plenty of guinea pigs for the first 2 weeks of use. Mainly to get use to the slight difference that the personal one had against the sport. However very easy to use and get use to the settings. I've been using it on a range of conditions and injuries - headaches, lower back pain, chronic oedema and arthritis. Recently I've started treatment on a new client who came to see me after fracturing her radial-ulna after having an accident during lock down. Having had surgery, she was struggling with movement and getting a lot of stiffness through the wrist. Using the oscillator on the metal plates setting has been great to provide a deeper treatment without the pressure.

What was the client feedback?

What many refer to now as the "Magic Machine" the feedback has been brilliant. Having treated my wrist client. She has instant results in being more able to achieve movement and just a general sense of it feeling free. Her treatment will be continued over the next couple of weeks so I can't wait to see her final reaction and how her scar tissue will response. I have identified quite a number of clients i want to use the deep oscillator on in the upcoming weeks. I just can't wait to see a boost in their treatments and their own ease of symptoms.