PhysioPod UK Review Their Attendance at MEDICA 2012, held in Düsseldorf, Germany, 14th – 16th November.

In their 5th year of attendance, PhysioPod UK were delighted to be actively involved on the PHYSIOMED® stand at MEDICA 2012. The newly designed PHYSIOMED® stand stood tall in Hall 9 amongst its competitors. Hall 9 houses the latest products for electro-medicine, medical technology, operating technology and equipment.

  • MEDICA 2012 saw 70 countries exhibiting with over 100 countries attending, including newcomers Qatar, Saudia Arabia and New Zealand.

  • Julie Soroczyn Managing Director of PhysioPod UK Limited arrives at MEDICA 2012

  • Julie treats a patient on stand suffering from post surgical pain with scar tissue build up.

  • The main focus of visitors´ attention, the new Evident line devices, which set a new benchmark in physical therapy.

  • The pattern of the resonating vibrations of DEEP OSCILLATION® are reflected in the powder when the therapy is applied hands on.

  • Medica 2012, a platform for innovation and product technology

  • PHYSIOMED belong to the German Healthcare Export Group which provides a perfect meeting point in a relaxed atmosphere at MEDICA. PhysioPod enjoyed this lounge and amenities during the four day event.

  • Anca Mihalcioiu of PHYSIOMED Aparatura Medicala Romania and Mary Fickling of PhysioPod enjoy one of the evening distributor dinners in Dusseldorf.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® distributors and Product Specialists: Sarah Persson, Christina Lundbäck, Rasmus Bischoff from Intramedic in Sweden and Denmark, taken during one of PHYSIOMED\'S distributor dinners at Kastanie Restaurant in Dusseldorf


julie massaging

Julie Soroczyn, Managing Director of PhysioPod UK Limited demonstrates DEEP OSCILLATION® to the visitors at MEDICA 2012


Throughout the congress, PhysioPod UK, provided both individual and group presentations of DEEP OSCILLATION®, utilising their model and the many "willing" visitors to the PHYSIOMED stand for the practical demonstrations. With over 100 countries in attendance at this years’ MEDICA, an innumerate amount of DEEP OSCILLATION® massages were provided and enjoyed tremendously by the recipients! Directors of PhysioPod UK Limited, Julie Soroczyn and Mary Fickling agreed that it was a challenging, yet enjoyable experience, engaging with attendees from all over the World, from High Frequency Surgeons and Medical Apparatus Design Students to Physiotherapists and Distributors from Luxemburg to South Korea. The questions asked about DEEP OSCILLATION® were engaging, educating and interesting, providing “food for thought” for PhysioPod future events. 


Sebastian Gruendler, Director of Marketing, PHYSIOMED, Julie Soroczyn Managing Director of PhysioPod UK with Jens Reinhold, Managing Director of PHYSIOMED


Jens Reinhold, Managing Director of PHYSIOMED provided this feedback of the event:

“PHYSIOMED participated for the 33th time at this year´s MEDICA exhibition in Düsseldorf with a brand new stand design. Without a doubt the main focus of visitors´ attention were the new Evident line devices, which set a new benchmark in physical therapy. We have enjoyed a general increase in demand this year, with a large number of high-ranking new contacts, PHYSIOMED credits their success to an increasing comeback in awareness for high quality products and excellent services; as well as innovative therapy solutions such as DEEP OSCILLATION® or vocaSTIM®. The highlights of the event were the visits of two Ambassador Delegations from Bangladesch and Thailand and also a visit from Dr. Berresheim from the Federal Foreign Office – Department of Foreign Trade Supports. They visited the PHYSIOMED stand to receive first-hand information about modern rehabilitation, as well as innovations in physical therapy” 

MEDICA 2012 is an international event which comprises of 17 halls containing:

  • Laboratory equipment and diagnostics 
  • Physiotherapy/Orthapedic equipment
  • Disposables/Commodities and Consumer goods and textiles
  • High tech solutions for medical technology
  • Electromedicine, medical technology, operating technology and equipment
  • Hospital Equipment, communication systems
  • Information and communication technology
One or two products caught the eye of PhysioPod™ UK Ltd for the future, although PhysioPod™ UK Ltd will always remain true to DEEP OSCILLATION® as their key product, simply because it works so effectively, enjoys a high level of patient acceptability and is unquestionably competitive in the all important price performance ratio.


The hospitality provided by PHYSIOMED to its distributors is second to none, several evenings were enjoyed at the Kastanie Cafe-Restaurant in Dusseldorf. PhysioPod enjoyed the company, the delicious food and the conversations with distributors old and new..

Thank you to PHYSIOMED and the German Healthcare Export Group for their kind hospitality during the event.

PhysioPod UK look forward to working with PHYSIOMED and its distribution partners throughout the coming year and once again, at Medica in 2013 (20 - 23rd November).



DEEP OSCILLATION® accelerates the natural healing process following sports and occupational injuries in acute and chronic stages. This unique massage can be applied preoperatively to prepare tissue for surgical incision and stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems and also for day one post general and aesthetic surgery; significantly reducing pain, swelling and bruising, improving patient mobility, with a welcome return of sensitivity to the area than has been possible with conventional therapies. Resultant post surgical scar tissue is smoother and even chronic scar tissue can be helped.  Healthcare professionals also apply very effectively for the care and maintenance of Lymphoedema, especially in the area of breaking down stubborn fibrosis.