Physiopod Excited to Exhibit Deep Oscillation at Lymphaletics 2024 on Saturday 21st September 2024

Venue: Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road in Bracknell


PhysioPod is delighted to announce they will be exhibiting Deep Oscillation Therapy at the highly anticipated Lymphaletics 2024 event on Saturday, September 21st, 2024, at the Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Rd. in Bracknell.

Deep Oscillation Therapy, a revolutionary treatment method, will be showcased at our exhibition stand. This unique therapy utilises an electrostatic field to create gentle and deep oscillations within the tissues, offering a non-invasive, evidence-based approach to improving blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing oedema, pain, and inflammation, accelerating healing, and restoring mobility.

Lymphaletics 2024 serves as an exclusive gathering for professionals, families, and children in the field of lymphoedema. As an exhibitor, Physiopod provides you with the opportunity to learn firsthand the transformative effects of Deep Oscillation Therapy and explore how it can enhance patient care and treatment outcomes, including self-care.

We invite you to visit our exhibition stand, where our knowledgeable representatives will be available to provide detailed information, conduct live demonstrations, and engage in insightful discussions regarding the unique benefits and applications of Deep Oscillation Therapy in addressing lymphoedema challenges.

Do not miss this chance to interact with our team and witness the immediate impact of Deep Oscillation Therapy. Join us at Lymphaletics 2024 and discover how Physiopod is revolutionizing lymphoedema treatment.

For an over view of Deep Oscillation Therapy in Lymphoedema, please take a look here

We look forward to welcoming you at Lymphaletics 2024!