Patient Feedback: Leg Ulcer and Femur Fracture Healing

It's great when those delighted with their treatment take the time to write to express for their practitioner.



"Dear Mary

I feel I must email you to let you know of my treatment with Christine Talbot.

In December 2020, I fell and broke my right femur, this was the first time of breaking a bone in my 73 years, luckily I only spent a week in hospital. 

I already had an ulcer on my left ankle and had been having NHS treatment for about three months.  District nurses came and carried out their normal treatment but we didn't seem to be getting anywhere and they told me that the next step was to be triple bandaging.  I had previously had bad experience of this technique and my sister suggested that I phone Christine and ask her opinion.

I visited Christine at her home, where I received cold laser, magcell and deep oscillation treatment on the ulcer.  The ulcer visibly shrank at the first treatment and I have returned weekly until there is just a tiny crack left to heal.  The oscillation therapy was used right over the ulcer and in fact the whole leg to help with circulation and healing. 


The break in my femur, which was repaired using 'dynamic screw' technique has also greatly benefitted from oscillation therapy and Christine has used her extensive knowledge and experience to heal the area around the fracture and to help me become much more mobile and confident. 

Also, the scar left from the repair has shrunk to a fine line.

Although I am still having some treatment for the ulcer it has almost healed, something I credit to Christine's knowledge, skill and alternative treatment approach.

I hope other ulcer sufferers can benefit in the way that I have.

Mrs P"


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