Healing of bilateral right ankle fracture with Deep Oscillation

"Deep oscillation has been applied to reduce oedema, speed up the healing process and control pain. The doctors here are amazed by his evolution, which allows us to continue advancing in this rehabilitation process"

Physiotherapist Kaysha Francis of Healing Your Body in Panama is now offering Deep oscillation therapy in her clinic located in Brisas del Golf, Panama City. 

Kaysha says "Deep Oscillation has become an excellent therapeutic tool for pain management, acute and chronic inflammatory processes, as well as stimulating the activity of the lymphatic system, positively influencing oedema reducing and aiding lymphoedema management. 
The application of deep oscillations in post-operative patients is very beneficial and it can be used in very early stages. The video below show our result in just three treatments and after seven treatments in the area of wound healing.

We are excited about all the benefits the therapy can bring to our patients"
With Deep Oscillation, wound healing processes are stimulated and accelerated, local inflammation is inhibited, pain is considerably reduced over a sustained period, the quality of the scar is improved.
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