Non Cosmetic Liposuction for Lipoedema - Recovery Enhanced with Vodder MLD and Deep Oscillation

"Mrs M is 48 years of age diagnosed with Lipoedema Stage 3 Type 4 in both arms and legs.  Other family members are also affected.

After having complex liposuction and skin removal on both arms Mrs M approached me for Post Op treatment on her arms after being advised that MLD was highly recommended. She was already familiar with Deep Oscillation as she owns her own device which she currently uses on her legs.
Surgery commenced on 18 Aug 21 and treatment began on 24 Aug 21.  She arrived with extensive inflammation and bruising on both arms as well as pain and tenderness.  Treatment consisted of MLD (Dr Vodder)  and Deep Oscillation therapy, carried out 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks followed by weekly visits.  Each visit there have been noticeable improvements in the reduction of pain, inflammation and scar healing.  Mrs M was very committed to her treatment and recovery and carried out SLD when she was unable to book in for treatment."
Maxine McGinley
Certified Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist and Deep Oscillation Practitioner
Endeavour Soft Tissue Therapy Plymouth




MLD Post Surgery

"According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, more and more people are making the decision to enhance their appearance through cosmetic surgery. Some of the most popular procedures opted for by men and women include breast augmentation, eyelid, face and neck lifts, liposuction and rhinoplasty. A downside of cosmetic surgery and non cosmetic surgery (liposuction for Lipoedema) is the initial after effects, such as swelling and bruising, which are experienced by patients post surgery. The time it takes for the skin to recover can differ from person to person due to many factors such as age, general health, lifestyle etc, however, a course of MLD treatment makes the healing process MUCH faster.

Described as “One of the best kept secrets on the health and beauty scene”, MLD’s intensely relaxing effect masks the strength of the treatment itself. It is a very gentle, light touch massage that improves the efficiency of the lymphatic system – the body’s waste disposal system. Specific and gentle movements of the skin stimulate and increase the rate of removal of waste products, toxins and excess fluid from the body’s tissues. MLD is regularly prescribed in Europe to improve healing and reduce recovery time after cosmetic surgery. Treatment pre and post surgery is often recommended to get the lymphatic system in peak condition to help reduce the swelling and bruising, keep it operating at optimum levels to accelerate the healing process, encourage better scar formation and ultimately reveal the new you in less time."





Deep oscillation is a unique, internationally patented treatment method. Its special structure allows you to create biologically effective oscillations in the treated tissue using electrostatic attraction and friction.

The gentle, pleasant oscillations have a deep-acting effect on all tissue components (skin, connective tissue, muscles, blood and lymph vessels).

The following physiological effects of deep oscillation are clinically proven:

• Highly effective in reducing pain • Anti-inflammatory • Effective in reabsorbing oedema • Promoting wound healing • Anti-fibrotic 


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