Nicola Pinkney

Vodder MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

The Moat Practice
12A Station Road
East Sussex
TN32 5DA
Mobile 07725 843 818

Other Clinic Location: 5 Upper Wimpole Street, London, W1G 6BP




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Manual Lymphatic Drainage including Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy and DEEP OSCILLATION®, are combined where appropriate, for pre and post General and Cosmetic Surgery and Vaser Liposuction

Treatment and maintenance of Lymphoedema, Chronic Oedema, Lipoedema and Lipo-Lymphoedema 

MLD and Deep Oscillation for treatment of sporting and occupational injuries and chronic conditions

Wellness:  Facials, Massage, Lava Shell Massage, Bespoke Massage, Hot Stone Therapy


Personal Profile


Nicola Pinkney, Vodder MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

Nicola (also known as Nikki) is a highly trained, qualified & insured therapist. She is a member of the FHT – Federation of holistic therapies & is on the professional standards authority accredited register. She is trained in the Dr. Vodder method of MLD & is a member of MLD UK – A professional association of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioners which ensures a high standard of training amongst its members, requiring regular review to maintain certification & to whom has strong links within the medical profession.Nikki is very passionate about her work and believes she makes a difference to each and every one of her clients. She is kind, caring and understanding of your needs and will talk you through every step of your personalised treatment plan which will be prepared for you after your first consultation. Each person is different and will have specific needs. Post-surgery patients will recover and heal at different rates depending on their surgery type and general health and wellbeing, therefore support during treatment and aftercare is Nikki’s number one passion.

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Feedback from Nicola


"I learnt about deep oscillation whilst training in Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT). Dr Anne Williams bought one into her lecture. I then got talking to another Practitioner who was already using one and who praised its benefits.

I visited the PhysioPod website and read about its many fields of application. I like to attain the best results possible for my patients and Deep Oscillation incorporated into my MLD treatments has accelerated their results. All of my patients LOVE it. Most of them fall asleep during treatment because it is so relaxing.

I do actually LOVE it! It’s my best friend in business and for family too. I recently burnt my hand picking up a saucepan (the steel handle had been left over a naked flame), it was so painful, I ran it under luke warm water for 20 mins yet it was still burning, I applied the normal cream, still agony. I then had a brain wave ???? and remembered I have a Deep Oscillation unit!! So I washed off the cream and placed a layer of cling film over the palm of my hand which now had a huge fluid filled blister. I sat and oscillated for 25 mins and when I removed the cling film there was NOTHING there, no pain, no blister. My husband couldn’t believe it. Wish I’d filmed it! Amazing device"


Patient Testimonials


Abdominoplasty patient

“I was recommended a course of MLD via my surgeon who raved about its benefits. I was recommended Nikki and after checking out her credentials via the online register I contacted her. From the very first moment I was impressed with her timeliness, efficiency and her willingness to go the extra mile. As a medical professional myself, I was impressed with her subject knowledge and ability to create a treatment plan perfectly tailored toward my operation; she even emailed this to my surgeon. Nikki’s treatment supported me before and after my operation at a time I felt very vulnerable. She often stayed longer than her appointment times to make sure I was thoroughly looked after. The benefits of the treatment were visible from the very first one and my surgeon was absolutely shocked at how great I looked at the 6 week check-up. I thoroughly recommend MLD and Nikki- I wouldn’t see anyone else.”

Chloe B

High definition vaser & Fat transfer patient

“Myself and my girlfriend were treated by Nikki post vaser treatment in July 2018 in London. The vaser surgery isn’t an easy process to go through, so when we saw Nikki on the 3rd day post surgery we weren’t in the best shape! Nikki was amazing, her knowledge of vaser and MLD gave us a lot of confidence and her caring nature and kindness really helped us get through the first 10 days. We both saw an improvement after each day and looked forward to our sessions. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nikki for post vaser treatment and MLD massage. Her sessions definitely sped up the healing process and she went above and beyond without hesitation for us when we needed it, we don’t know what we would have done without her! It’s very clear that Nikki is truly passionate about what she does and there is no doubt that her business will continue to be successful because of this. Thank you Nikki, we are very grateful for all your kindness and support.”

Vaser liposuction patient

“I booked Nikki after a cosmetic procedure and had my MLD massage booked in for the day after the procedure. Nikki came to my house and was not only incredibly professional but made me feel so comfortable, as you can imagine I wasn’t feeling my best and I was very nervous to even take my garments off. Nikki was very patient and made me feel at ease. Nikki made my post-operative experience calmer. She exceeded my expectation in every way. I recommend her not only for her amazing skills and professionalism but for her kindness too.”

Harriet F

Post-operative patient

“I have been having treatments with Nikki for the past year after my prostate & bladder operation. I was also suffering with lower back & digestive problems & an old ankle injury. She has helped me tremendously with her magic hands & I would recommend her to anyone.”

Terry C

Breast Augmentation

“ I had a series of treatments from Nikki after my operation & I have to say that it was the highlight of my recovery! The treatment itself is very gentle & I felt extremely safe. Nikki was very attentive & focused during each session. I noticed the improvement each time, swelling was reduced & I felt much more comfortable. I would recommend MLD & Nikki without hesitation.”

Lisa G


“I am an active person that enjoys the gym & CrossFit. I’ve had a re-occurring shoulder injury for the past 4-5 years, mainly through over training & my manual job as a tree surgeon. After my very first session with Nikki I noticed a big difference in pain reduction & mobility. After five more sessions I don’t have any pain & I am able to train as hard as I like without any limitations. I would highly recommend Nikki to anyone.”


Ollie J

“Nikki has been unknotting my body & my mind for over three years now & I can no longer imagine life without her, whether it is massage, MLD or Deep oscillation Nikki is the best but more than being an excellent therapist she is also someone you can trust”

Jon G

“We have been clients of Nikki at Rejuvenate for many months now & have regular treatments with her. We find Nikki to be a loving, kind & intuitive therapist. Her treatments are tailor made to the individual. We leave feeling light & relaxed from the experience”

Patricia & Glen