Nicola Hasdell


Moontree Holistic Massage and Healing Clinic
Chyreen Lane
Carnon Downs
Landline 01209 610 597
Mobile 07717 217 627


Business opening hours


 Flexible hours between 9am till 5.15pm, Monday through to Saturday

In certain circumstances home visits are available


Other Establishments


"The main clinic I work from is located in a beautiful place in the countryside called Chycara which is only a few short miles away from the city of Truro. It has ample parking all year round right outside of my clinic. The address is: Chycara House, Chyreen Lane, Carnon Downs, Truro, Cornwall, TR3 6LG, UK. I have the Moontree Clinic at Cycara early on Monday afternoons into early evening, I am there on Wednesdays all day and into early evening, and I am there on a Friday morning. Treatments are by prior appointment only"


Treatments Offered

Swedish Massage
Aromatherapy Massage
Indian Head Massage
Sports Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Massage for vulnerable people and those with Dementia and Alzheimers
Reiki Master Healing/Teaching
Level One Craniosacral Therapy



Deep Oscillation Therapy – Hivamat 200

arm lymphoedema

 do explanation

Medical Reiki



Swedish Body Massage and Anatomy and Physiology 
ITEC Indian Head Massage 
ITEC Aromatherapy Body Massage
City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy 
VTCT Massaging People who have Dementia,
Advanced Massage Course 
Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 – The Upledger Institute  
Bachelor Of Science with Second Class Honours (Upper Division)Sports Performance and Coaching – Plymouth University Personal Profile
LMC Training Reiki Master/Teacher Diploma (also 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki Healer) 
David T. Sowdon (CThA Registered Reiki Master Teacher) Medical Reiki Master –
Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International RKMRI Medical Reiki 

Courses Attended

Nutrition for Health and Fitness 
Plymouth University Dementia Awareness 
Cornwall Care Stroke Care and Rehabilitation for Support Workers 
Peninsula Community Health NHS Bereavement and Loss 
Knowledge Tree Human Rights for One and All, Core 2 Training 
Adult Care and Support Infection Control 
Cornwall Care Tissue Viability and Pressure Ulcer Update for Care Staff 
Insured with Balens



Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) 


Personal Profile


"Hi there, my name is Nicola Hasdell and I have been a qualified body therapist and healer, specialising in both muscular skeletal massage as well as the energy healing of Reiki since June 2002 when I passed my first exams to become a professional therapist. From passing those first exams right up until the present day, I have worked continually as a practicing therapist on a daily basis, training in a multitude of different therapies in order to be able to work on a very diverse range of people, enjoying helping each person by being able to address their individual needs. This has provided me with the priceless opportunity to develop and deepen my ability to be of help to and therefore work on as many different types of people as possible by giving me a wealth of direct experience to learn from. I am passionate about being able to do all that I can to help every individual that I am honoured to have the opportunity to provide therapy for which is why I have continued to develop myself professionally as a therapist by undertaking all the training I have done so far in order to acquire a broad variety of treatment skills.

Assisting in repair and rehabilitation, helping to maintain the best health possible for individuals dealing with a lifelong physical health problem, providing a comforting and soothing moment in time for someone with dementia or Alzhiemers to enjoy, or simply giving someone a well needed relaxing treat are just a few examples out of the many scenarios and requirements that my treatments are used to provide help for. I enjoy being able to provide therapeutic help for all the needs that are presented to me. It is important for me to feel as fit and healthy as I can or want to be, to feel alive, cared about and comfortable in my own skin and mind as it is such a freeing and life-affirming state of existence to achieve. This makes me feel driven to help everyone to achieve this state of existence at their own level, requirement and in their own personal way, free from pain as much as is possible, relieved from physical and emotional tension, feeling empowered, safe and hopeful, with anxiety diminished, and feelings of physical health, self-worth and wellbeing increased.

Although I am always looking to improve on and add to my therapist’s skills wherever I can, I am also happy and proud to be able to consider myself to be a therapist who can confidently and willingly provide help and healing to all sorts of people and their conditions. It is in the spirit of the kind of therapist that I have described to you that I am, that I have chosen to embrace the use of the Hivamat Deep Oscillation Therapy machine into my daily work as a therapist, therefore being able to help even more people, do an even better job with my existing skills, whilst at the same time helping to protect my hands from the wear and tear that is commonly seen in therapists of my kind. This means that I can carry on doing the job that I love for many more years. Thank you for taking the time to read this."

Nicola Hasdell


Feedback for PhysioPod

How did you hear about DEEP OSCILLATION®? What prompted you to buy?

I read about it in the CThA Embody magazine and thought that it sounded like the perfect solution to safeguarding my hands and giving my massage career longevity. I liked the idea of being able to provide an even better and deeper massage than I do already. I also think it is wonderful that my Mum can also use it to keep the lymphoedema in her hand (caused by a mastectomy and lymph node removal) at bay. These very reasons alone make the Hivamat worth every penny it costs.
How did you find dealing with PhysioPod® UK Limited?
Without even having met them face to face, our communications via email, text and telephone make it obvious to me what amazing, supportive, dedicated and caring people Julie and Mary are. They are extremely down to earth and reassuring to deal with and I feel very positive, lucky and privileged about joining them and becoming one of their DOT registered therapists.