Nicky Snazell International Pain Expert, Teacher and Author Speaks At The Ireland and Scotland AACP Conference in Glasgow on 1st October

Nicky Snazell, International Speaker and Pain Expert was one of the distinguished lecturers at the recent 2016 Ireland and Scotland AACP Conference held at The Hilton. Glasgow. Presenting to a captivated AACP audience on "Using the Acupuncture Needle as a Diagnostic Tool" Nicky spoke on:

  • How the needle offers rapid diagnosis by finding painful muscle contractures (where MRI cannot)
  • The cost effectiveness of dry needling for unresolved neuropathic and psychological trauma
  • How the needle, an invaluable diagnostic tool, should be considered in undergraduate training 
  • PhysioPod™ UK Ltd are delighted DEEP OSCILLATION® was mentioned in Nicky's Wholistic Mind Body Prescription for treatment 


  A recording of the talk can be viewed on Nicky's Pain Relief Facebook Page


Biography of Nicky Snazell

Once qualified as a physiotherapist Nicky still felt frustrated by her inability to help people with severe & chronic pain. This started a lifelong pursuit of learning alternative techniques such as Chinese acupuncture for physios, NLP, reiki, and magnetic resonance, and then came across Gunn IMS, a dry needling technique. Nicky achieved the highest level in IMS’ teaching and outstanding contributions’ and went on to be awarded the first fellowship in the world. Then she went on to teach her own approach to her in-house clinical teams utilizing the best of what she had learnt to date with well over 25 years of clinical experience. In treating thousands of patients, it was apparent that the success of outcome was in part related to the mind-set and lifestyle of the patient. This led to becoming an NLP practitioner and a meeting in Rome with Joseph McClendon. Joseph asked Nicky to co-present his new ultimate health seminar, Z factor, which she has done 3 times in Spain & Switzerland. Nicky has four clinics: Stafford, Harrogate, Norwich and Harley Street 

Previous comments from Nicky on DEEP OSCILLATION®


"At last, technology that addresses the wear and tear of physical therapists hands with the wonderful connectivity of being a hands on treatment, shear genius. A patient summed it up, when he said: 'for the first time, I felt us journey through the treatment process together, rather than being broken up while you get other bits of kit out, that don't involve touch and with you sitting behind your desk.'' It is a true Godsend for hands-on therapists. Thank you, Nicky"


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