NEW STUDY: DEEP OSCILLATION® in Early Rehabilitation of Patients with Arthoplasty of the Knee Joint

Authors: Evgeniya Vladeva, Mariyana Mihailova, Dafina Bacheva, Iliya Todorov Department of Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Thalassotherapy, Occupational Diseases, Faculty of Public Health, Medical University of Varna

1 Varnensky Medical Forum, t. 7, 2018, broy 1


Arthroplasty is the most frequent amongst the interventions in orthopaedics and traumatology. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are the final stage of arthroplasty with great importance concerning the rate and stage of functional recovery. Deep Oscillations is a patent therapeutic treatment which uses tissue vibrations with minimal external mechanical effect and is with proven pain relief and fibrinolytic effect, reducing oedema and inflammation.

The aim of this study is to follow the effect of the complex application of Deep Oscillations and kinesitherapy on the recovery of patients with total knee arthroplasty.The study included 50 patients (21 men and 30 women) divided into 2 groups – experimental (EG) and control group (CG) all with total knee arthroplasty and proved that Deep Oscillations is an effective method for reducing inflammation, oedema and pain and increasing the range of motion in the early rehabilitation after knee joint replacement.

Combined application with appropriate exercises has better results concerning the rate and stage of functional recovery.

Keywords: knee arthroplasty, Deep Oscillations, early rehabilitation




NICE recommends rehab on same day as surgery for joint replacement patients