New Book Published on Lipoedema by Plastic Surgeon and Lipoedema Specialist Dr. Dominik v. Lukowicz

Dr. Dominik v. Lukowicz writes about the different treatment methods in his new book on Lipoedema with a view to enlightening, educating and helping those living with the chronic condition.

New Book on Lipoedema


Both experts from various fields of knowledge and those affected have worked on the book. Myths of the disease are explained and refuted by scientific facts. Other topics related to lipoedema, such as nutrition, sport, fashion and lymphatic drainage are also dealt with.

Part of the book is also devoted to deep oscillation therapy. Deep oscillation is a unique, patented, non-invasive and non-traumatic therapy method that can be used for Lipoedema. In contrast to other forms of therapy, Deep Oscillation has an extremely gentle effect on all tissue components (skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat tissue, muscles, blood and lymph vessels) down to a depth of up to 8 cm. Deep oscillation has also been used successfully before and after liposuction.


Excerpt on the subject of Deep Oscillation is translated as:


Deep Oscillation in Lipoedema and Liposuction

Deep oscillation, also known as DEEP OSCILLATION® or HIVAMAT® is a unique product, it is a patented, non-invasive, non-traumatic therapy method that can be used for Lipoedema.

Through the use of electrostatic attraction and friction, gentle impulses applied to the tissue result in pleasant vibrations with a deep biological effect. For the patients, this brings about symptomatic relief. In addition to its use in conservative therapy for Lipoedema, it is also beneficial before and after liposuction and plastic surgery. Like the name suggests, deep oscillation is able to penetrate deep into the tissue, which complements and intensifies manual lymphatic drainage in particular.

The treatment takes place either via a vinyl-coated handheld applicator (this also enables self-treatment) or via the therapist's hands, which are equipped with vinyl gloves.

Deep oscillation is completely different from other treatment modalities such as ultrasound, shockwave or other vibrational therapies.

In Lipoedema, deep oscillation helps to reduce pain and if any oedema is present then this can be influenced very favourably. The pain symptomatology of Lipoedema is caused by "orthostatic deposits" in the spaces between the cells. Deep oscillation has an effect in the interstitial spaces through its resonant vibrations, continually releasing and attracting. Lymph build up is mobilised, whirled up and distributed, its absorption (interstitial drainage) is facilitated and peristalsis (movement) is stimulated.

The mechanical activation and dynamization also contributes very efficiently to the resolution of the typical lipo-lymphoedema hardenings in the tissue (fibroses). When used before liposuction, the resonant oscillations of deep oscillation loosen or soften the fibrotic tissue and thus reduce the traumatic effect of the intervention.

The amount of fat removed increases, there is less bleeding and bruising post-operatively and so post-surgical complaints are reduced and regeneration is accelerated. After liposuction the therapy provides pain-reduction, enhances movement and reduces oedema, in addition, wound healing processes are promoted.


The Lipoedema Book on Amazon
Dr. Dominik v. Lukowicz
ISBN: 978-3-948309015

Dr. von Lukowicz: Lipoedema

"I have specialised in Lipoedema for seven years now and have been treating this disease for a total of ten years. This has given me a lot of experience in the surgical treatment of Lipoedema. I was also able to perfect the skin tightening and the Surgical Needling after major liposuctions over the years.

In addition, I am conducting research into the causes of lipedema in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich and the Klinikum Rechts der Isar. Initial study results have already been presented at various congresses worldwide. I also give regular lectures on the treatment options for Lipoedema.

Our practice specializes in the treatment of Lipoedema. We know all possible therapeutic measures in detail and treat all stages of the disease. We have developed a deep understanding of Lipoedema and pursue a holistic treatment approach."