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Newly acquired DEEP OSCILLATION® to be used in early general healing of sporting and occupational conditions and also Fibromyalgia, Fracture healing (post traumatic), Pre and Post General Surgery


Clinically proven DEEP OSCILLATION® electrostatic lymphatic drainage permeates an 8 cm depth without any pressure being applied, making it ideal in the acute injury stage and early post operative healing process. It significantly reduces pain, swelling and inflammation, improving range of motion and function. Pre and post operative therapy with deep oscillation shortens recovery time with smoother and less resultant scar tissue. Chronic conditions (including scar tissue) can be worked upon too and results can be achieved where other approaches have been unsuccessful. Check today if this would be suitable treatment for you. Email

DEEP OSCILLATION may be combined with other treatments or offered as a singular treatment





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"From several years of involvement in recreational sports and from my own personal injuries, I bring great interest and understanding of the dynamics of freedom, movement, and agility in the functioning of the human body.

I have always been very amazed at how complex and yet how simple the body is and how it functions. I have great respect for human anatomy and a passion for the body in motion.

I have made sure my professional training is of the highest quality and take a holistic approach to your treatment, which means working over the whole body to ensure the root cause of the problem is addressed. I use a combination of recognised techniques that are tailored to meet your personal requirements."


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