Margaret Taylor

MLD UK, Vodder MLD DLT Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

Meadowbank Clinic
3 Meadowbank Terrace
Telephone 0131 661 7275

  • Hivamat 200 (DEEP OSCILLATION therapy) is used, where appropriate, for the care and maintenance of Lipoedema and Lymphoedema

  • Sports injuries can now be treated immediately with DEEP OSCILLATION®, speeding up the recovery process for a quicker return to the field.

  • A range of massage therapies are offered including anti-cellulite, hot stone, baby massage, pregnancy and post natal and indian head.

  • Hydrotherm water filled cushions assist in perfect spinal alignment and encourage total revitalisation, regeneration and harmony, suitable for all ages.

  • Margaret Taylor MLD UK, CDT, Vodder MLD Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist

  • Pure organic essential Capitelli Oils are offered at The Meadowbank Clinic

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Margaret Taylor and her team of therapists work together to provide the following services.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is offered for the treatment of the following conditions:

  • Acne rosacea
  • Acne vulgaris (common acne)
  • Constipation
  • Detox
  • Gout and any other rheumatic diseases
  • Haematomas
  • Heavy legs, swollen ankles
  • Lipoedema (painful fat syndrome)
  • Lymphoedema
  • Migraines and chronic headaches
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Post-operative scarring
  • Post-operative swelling
  • Pregnancy (fluid retention) not with DEEP OSCILLATION®
  • Scarring due to burns
  • Sinusitis/rhinitis
  • Trigeminal neuralgia 
  • Vein stripping
  • Venous leg ulcer
  • Venous oedema
  • Whiplash

Other treatments offered:

  • Acupuncture
  • Anti-cellulite treatment
  • Baby Massage
  • Capitelli Oils
  • Chartered Physiotherapy with Christopher Taylor MCSP 
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Hydrotherapy Massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Pregnancy and post-natal massage
  • Reflexology
  • Remedial Sports Massage for arthritis, back pain, sprains and strains, tennis and golfer's elbow, general tension of the neck and shoulders, sports injuries, headaches, Repetitive Strain Injury

About Margaret

Margaret Taylor works from her own clinic at Meadowbank Terrace in Edinburgh. She has been a therapist for over 20 years specialising in the treatment of soft tissue injuries/sports injuries. She has run a very successful clinic using different massage techniques, stretching exercises and electrotherapy. In 2006 she trained at the International Vodder Institute in Austria for the treatment of Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema where she learned the specialist technique of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Decongestive Therapy MLD/CDT.

In 2012, Margaret invested in DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy via the HIVAMAT® 200 system and joined other healthcare professionals in being able to add a further dimension to her treatments, providing a non-invasive, gentle, electrostatic approach.  DEEP OSCILLATION® is combinedl with MLD techniques and can be used from day one operative to enhance a faster rehabilitation process with less pain, swelling and bruising client enabling a quicker return to normal activities. DEEP OSCILLATION® enables sports injuries to be treated immediately, without waiting for the swelling to reduce before treatment.

Insurance and Memberships

Margaret is fully insured and a full member of MLDuk.  MLD UK promotes standards and research among Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) practitioners.

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