Magcell Electrode-Free-Electrotherapy in Acute Injury Self Care

I have Osteoarthritis, which causes mobility problems. Luckily, I am married to a joiner/carpenter who has been able to make/fix and adapt parts of our home to make it easier for me to get around.

Stairs in any home can be a problem, too steep, too shallow or the stair rail is on one side, which isn't always the side most convenient to you.   In our home, I have stair rails on both sides of the stairs, with a continuous grab rail that goes all the way around to the bathroom.  I have no idea how this happened, and I guess with most accidents around the home, we do not always know.  But walking up the stairs on 8th March, my little finger managed to catch the stair panel at the top of the stairs and bent right back, followed by an almighty crack.

The little finger swelled, accompanied by deep purple bruising but I didn't think I had broken it, because I still had full movement; I could bend the finger at both joints and wiggle it about though I was not able to touch or catch it on anything, as it was too painful.


Enter my much-loved and much used, Magcell



Over the next three days I did x three, short sessions, at regular intervals. Most of the bruising disappeared and the swelling greatly reduced.  The middle section of the finger still gets a tight feeling and occasionally the tightness is visible.  Unfortunately, however, this is the osteoarthritis that is already in the finger which has probably worsened but with regular use of the Magcell, it soon settles down. 

I am so pleased to have this handy little device. Prior to buying the Magcell, I would probably of had a trip to A & E, not a place I would want to be these days, especially as there is not much they would do for a finger apart, from possibly strapping it to the finger next to.

Totally unrelated - my husband is experiencing lots of different aches and pains at the moment and he will not take pain killers.  He scoffs at the fact my miracle Magcell could possibly work, so why is it in the evenings, I hear a gentle whirring??




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