MAGCELL® - Stimulating The Self-Healing Process

MAGCELL® is an innovative procedure which stimulates self-healing processes by transforming information in physical cell structures. In treatment, exceptionally strong pulsating magnetic fields are created of up to 100 mT (1000 gauss), through textiles and even through shoes.


MAGCELL® works with therapy parameters investigated in empirical and clinical research and should not be compared with ‘pulsating signal therapy (PST)’, ‘MultiBioSignal Therapy (MBST)’, ‘Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Therapy’, ‘TENS' or other transmission forms such as magnetic field mats or coils.

There are no known side effects or intolerance associated with the use of MAGCELL® and based on a large amount of patient feedback, regular therapy may enable reductions in the dosage of medication.

There are two models available the MAGCELL® Arthro and the MAGCELL® Microcirc. They are priced at £485.00 including vat and delivery in the UK and Ireland. Vat exempt for diagnosed Osteoarthritis.

Versatile and easy to use

  • Very easy one-button operation
  • Battery-driven
  • Optical and acoustic function control
  • Automatic switch-off at the end of the therapy period


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The MAGCELL® ARTHROprovides pain-alleviating and movement-promoting effect for osteoarthritis, significantly improving general symptoms (WOMAC total score) and individual scores for pain, stiffness and daily activity in osteoarthritis (ARC criteria II and III). It can be applied several times daily as a complementary treatment, without side effects.



The MAGCELL® MICROCIRC can positively influence symptoms of neurotoxicities like sensory ataxia, neuropathy and neuropathic pain symptoms (especially CIPN I-IV) on hands and feet as a result of chemotherapy. Moreover, a significant increase in nerve conductivity speed (ulnar nerve) is achieved by the treatment.


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Microcirculation is significantly increased (p < 0,001) while nitric oxide (NO) has a blood vessel dilatory effect. The authors recommend the therapy for clinical situations where an improvement in microcirculation is identified, like for instance in the case of chronic tissue repair.


Small But Powerful


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The high and therapeutically effective flow densities permeate the tissue layers to a depth of 3-5 cm, extending into joint structures and with a direct effect on defective cell functions; the electromagnetic field provides the cells with specific information about its frequency or amplitude pattern, which the cell in turn uses to normalize (regenerate) its function. MAGCELL® is highly effective, non-invasive and versatile treatment, due to its repeatable short-treatment periods.

Patient Feedback

Since arriving in the UK and Ireland, PhysioPod and PhysioEquipment have now sold devices for use in the following areas: benign human prostate problems, BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis related Peripheral Neuropathy and for scar tissue breakdown. 

Other reported benefits from those using have included Lymphoedema-associated pain in abdominal trunk and legs, tennis elbow, Diabetic Foot Syndrome (DFS), Plantar Fasciitis, back/knee/elbow pain. Below is some of the patient feedback received:


Psoriatic Arthritis 

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"The Magcell Arthro is amazing, after struggling with chronic joint pain due to Psoriatic Arthritis for over 10 years it is incredible to finally find a device that works to reduce the pain. Generally, I use the device twice in quick succession to start the day and feel a reduction in pain within an hour. Then as and when throughout the day to 'top up'. Even at night, when pain used to keep me awake using the Magcell before getting into bed helps for a better nights’ sleep. The device is small enough to fit in my bag, so I can take it to work and use during lunch. It is so easy to use and as it works through clothing, it can be used anywhere at any time! It has reduced the need for anti-inflammatories on most occasions, it's wonderful not to rely on painkillers!" Rebecca



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"In May 2018, at the Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP) Annual Conference I enquired about the Magcell Arthro device, Mary gave me a demonstration to see if would help with my osteoarthritic pain. After just 5 minutes I felt relief, too good to be true I thought! So, I gave it a few days, the relief was excellent. After a week, the pain started to get back to the same level prior to the short treatment I had received. After calling the office, I purchased the Magcell Arthro from Physiopod and for more than 10 months, I have used the device and have been so pleased with the ease it brings me. I am finding it helps with the pain in my thumbs and right knee, so much so that I am off all pain meds. This small device can be transported with ease and used in meetings without being detected or disturbing the meeting. All in all, this is a wonderful device. Thank you! Paul Battersby MCSP. MSc. BSc. (HONS)


Peripheral Neuropathy

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"I have been using the Magcell Microcirc, I purchased from Physio Equipment UK for more than a month and have been so pleased with the ease it brings me. I am finding it helps with the neuropathic pain in my legs. I was diagnosed in 2004 with Peripheral Neuropathy due to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). It helps relieve the muscle spasms which cause sciatica. I also use it to help with the pain of lymphoedema in my abdominal trunk and legs. In all, this small, easily manoeuvred gadget, has been wonderful, as I am not good at tolerating pain medicines and by having the Magcell, I can control the use, the amount of treatment and therefore the results I am having. Within 20 minutes of treatment I am often finding the pain and symptoms are reduced which is for me better than just pain medication, without the chemicals" Catherine


Diabetic Foot Syndrome (DFS)

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"I have had Type 2 Diabetes for about 6 years now and I lost most of the feeling in the upper part of my right big toe quite a while ago. However, about 4 months ago I lost feeling in my right little toe and all along the outer edge of my right foot. After checking through the contraindications, Julie at Physio Equipment suggested that the Magcell Microcirc could help me as it is used to stimulate self-healing processes by transforming information in physical cell structures via pulsating magnetic fields and it is used to help to improve blood flow in illnesses or complaints caused by reduced arterial circulation, including Diabetic Foot Syndrome (DFS). I was keen to give it a try. I used it morning and evening, one five-minute cycle each time. I placed the machine on the floor and then rested the outer edge of my right foot, including the little toe, on the therapeutic effective field, which is marked on the upper side of the device as per the instruction. I just felt a pleasant tingling sensation while it was on. After two weeks of treatment, I had recovered all of the sensation in that area, and two months later, it is all still fine. As it had worked so well, I decided to also try it on my right big toe and I have recovered a lot of the feeling here too". Valerie Knowles


BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

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"I use the Magcell Microcirc twice a day, morning and evening, sitting down and placing the machine as near to position as possible with my clothes on. I tend to lift the front end to maximise the contact area. One programmed treatment each session.

Firstly, and most noticeably: the return of waking erections, which have been absent for several years (although as I previously intimated, generally sexual matters have been otherwise OK). The effects of this are twofold, one is the obvious sign that something good is happening in that area and two, the psychological effect of that sign of maleness returning after so long, is not to be underestimated I can assure you.

Other signs of improvement are a definite and very gradual improvement in flow both daytime and night time, which for me are different, better by day always. Starting at night was getting slow and flow was a trickle but now starting is normal and there is a flow rather than a trickle. Also returning is the feeling of emptying, particularly in the daytime, so waiting for that second coming sometimes produces nothing where there would always be another finalising trickle after about 30 seconds (my consultant suggested counting to 40 seconds to see if there was any remaining residual).

Now, perhaps in mitigation, I have been gently dieting over this period also, so I cannot assess this as having anything to do with the outcome, only that I have never seen a report that this may have an effect on BPH matters. I am 5' 6" tall and was eleven stone eight pounds and have lost 13lbs since the beginning of March and the diet is continuing to around ten stone.

I have stopped using Saw Palmetto supplements for the last two weeks also to take that out of the equation. There appears to be no side effects to using the Magcell Microcirc but obviously I cannot see "inside" to ascertain any collateral damage I may be causing but, I do "feel" a sensation best described as like a slight muscle stiffness after exercise in the specifically defined area. This may, of course, be the prostate shrinking, I do hope so. There is no pain during or after treatments, no discomfort at all.

So, there we are, I have held off until now to be certain that the above is not my imagination and that it is consistent, I have discussed it at length with my very astute and intelligent wife who watches every hospital/medical TV program going (I think she could happily remove an appendix) and the conclusion has to be that the prostate is shrinking very slowly in order for the above to be happening, as nothing I have previously tried has had these effects" Name withheld



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"My wife has suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for some years. She has what the family call her naturally "high heeled feet" which, in recent years has precluded any lengthy wearing of high heeled shoes. She gets pain in her heels and at the base of her toes, which swell and release fluid, which spreads into the surrounding tissue. Special orthotics designed by a local foot doctor has improved her condition to the point of supporting her love of shopping to a degree but her feet win out in the end. With careful choice of shoes for her also very wide fitting, her condition can be ameliorated but discomfort is with her a lot of the time. I started using the Microcirc three days ago on both feet once a day. One cycle laterally around the base of her toes and into the foot pad area and one cycle to the base and sides of the heel. Yesterday (day three) she reported a noticeable easing of symptoms so the treatment will be continued.

Update 30 Jun 2017 - Using the treatment as I mentioned for my wife, every day has, seemingly, righted both feet. Yesterday my wife took my granddaughter for her long-booked birthday present, a tour of the Harry Potter film sets. This involved around two hours of driving and three hours of being on her feet, sometimes pushing a wheelchair, as my granddaughter has broken a bone in her foot. They had a great time but my wife expected to be near needing a wheelchair herself after it, but no, not a flicker of discomfort. However, these things can sneak back to bite you but, on the evidence so far, no more treatment will be necessary at the moment" Name withheld


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