Magcell Reduces Osteoarthritic Pain and Reduces Knuckle Swelling

Mrs W is 65 years of age and was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in 2018, which affects her left knee and elbow, both hands and feet. Her condition has worsened over the course 2020/2021.

A Magcell Arthro was purchased a month ago and she has been using it first thing in the morning for 30 minutes, four times a week in the areas affected.  She wrote in recently to convey her delight at the results:
“I discovered the Magcell via the PhysioPod newsletter, which I love reading each month over a coffee. Others with OA have seen a benefit with the Magcell, so I thought I would invest. I have been really suffering this last year.  I really am so happy with how it is helping me to manage the pain, which has been causing me so many problems.
My knee pain has gone, the swelling around the knuckles in my hands has gone down a lot. I really didn’t think Arthritis could cause such pain. I used to rely on ibuprofen every day.  I’ve not taken any tablets this past week and in my role in customer services l have found that I can also hold things more easily.
I have felt so much happier in myself too, as the pain has been really getting me down. The Magcell  really is my new best friend.





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