Mary Ann Evans Hospice, Nuneaton add Deep Oscillation in Lymphoedema Services

The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Nuneaton and Bedworth raised £33,000 for Mary Ann Evans Hospice Lymphoedema Service making the team's dreams for specialist, innovative equipment come true. Deep Oscillation is now installed with other therapies to follow.



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 Eliot Way, Nuneaton, CV10 7QL

Telephone 02476 865452


Therapies offered at the hospice

Holistic specialist support and nursing care for people with cancer related Secondary Lymphoedema and life limiting illnesses, palliative and end of life care via our outpatient and domicillary services, for the people of North Warwickshire.

Services include:

Hospice at Home, and Night time Rapid response domicillary service, Day Hospice, carer support, pre-Bereavement and bereavement support for adults and children.

Lymphoedema Service: 

An experienced Lymphoedema Team providing comprehensive assessment,  innovative evidence based treatments (including DEEP OSCILLATION®, where appropriate) and excellent patient education and support for managing Lymphoedema, a life long condition.

Health care professional referral 


How did you hear about DEEP OSCILLATION®? What prompted you to buy?

"I first came across DEEP OSCILLATION® at BLS conference about 8yrs ago, when Mary and Julie first introduced the concept to the UK. Since then I have read research and increasing numbers of clinical accounts of its efficacy in treating lymphoedema, and the benefits to therapists in reducing RSI so often experienced by massage practitioners.

In Autumn 2017, I met a patient with complex lymphoedema and started a search for alternative and assistive technologies which may benefit him. Lymphoedema Specialists kept suggestingDEEP OSCILLATION® and I contacted Physiopod for help. As a small charitable organization I knew, at that time that there were no available funds for equipment, but I desperately wanted to help my patient. Physiopod have been an amazing support allowing us to tryDEEP OSCILLATION®. We saw immediate improvements and our patient felt this too.

Recently our service has been the fortunate recipients of the Nuneaton and Bedworth Mayoral Appeal, 2018. So, we have now been able to buy both a Hivamat 200 device and D.O personal. These will make a huge difference to the many MLD treatments we perform daily in clinic and also with our palliative home based patients. 


Picture above: Bill and Sheila, our awesome fundraising Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Nuneaton and Bedworth with the Mary Ann Evans Hospice Lymphoedema Team.  They have raised £33,000 for Mary Ann Evans Hospice Lymphoedema Service. They have made the team's dreams for specialist, innovative equipment to enhance our treatments, come true......"



How did you find dealing with PhysioPod® UK Limited?

"Always professional, responsive, helpful and very very supportive. Thank you Mary and Julie"

Sue Hansard BA .  RGN. M.B.L.S. NMC.78I2276E