Lymphoedema Sufferer Reports Back - It's Good News All The Way With Weekly Use Of The PhysioPod

PhysioPod UK happily receive weekly feedback from Lymphoedema sufferers self-managing with their Personal DEEP OSCILLATION units. This week Janet provided her update, with the wonderful news that not only did the swelling in her arm and hand not increase during the Summer months (as she had been warned), it actually reduced with the weekly use of her PhysioPod.

Read on PressReleasePoint 29/09/2014


Hi Julie

It’s been sometime since I last wrote to you so I thought it was about time I gave you an update on how I’m doing with the Physiopod.

It’s good news all the way!  I have recently been back to the Lymphoedema clinic where they had warned me earlier in the year that the 'swelling will get bigger during the summer' so it was a wonderful surprise to find out that the swelling in my arm had not only NOT got bigger but had reduced over the whole arm and hand.  I knew that things were improving when the need to wear my compression sleeves and gloves had reduced significantly.  The improvement was so good that the Lymphoedema Clinic has said that they will sign me off from the clinic next year if things stay the same or improve even more!  

I still the use the machine every week (but not every day) and I still get instant relief and swelling reduction.  I haven’t had to wear a compression sleeve to work for months! 

I’m so pleased with the fact that the swelling is being kept to a minimum and life is more ‘normal’ for me now.  Obviously I will always have to take care of my lymphoedema arm but with the help of my Physiopod things are certainly a lot easier.

Many thanks again.

Best wishes