Lymphoedema, Sinusitis and Anti-Aging with the Deep Oscillation Personal

Still going strong after 10 years, the Deep Oscillation Personal has become a permanent fixture in this lady's self care routine. She is also very pleased with the level of after care support provided: "I just wanted to say that the service you gave me was superb. You listened to the problems I had with my machine and gave excellent advice. The parts I ordered arrived the very next day, and now I am using my wonderful ‘new’ machine again"


"I have had my Deep Oscillation machine for about ten years and it continues to function well, requiring only occasional replacement of pads. 

I have Lymphoedema in my right arm and using the machine regularly maintains the stability of the condition between my monthly visits for MLD massage. 

I have also suffered from SINUSITIS for more than 30 years and using my machine is a huge added bonus, I use the Lymphoedema bespoke card which Julie programmed.  Before owning the machine I would visit the doctor at least once or twice  a year for help when a sinusitis bout had continued for 3 weeks or more. I no longer need to seek help with this as the machine clears my sinuses as it drains the mucus away. What a blessing!

I always take it with me when I travel.  It packs so neatly.

Finally,  I am the eldest of four sisters and they tell me that, unlike them, I do not have a double chin.  We all put this down to my use of the PhysioPod machine.  It has just been a great investment and I wouldn’t want to be without it." 

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