Head and Neck

Testimonials appertaining to the treatment and maintenance of Lymphoedema of the Head and Neck with DEEP OSCILLATION® including self management

Leeds Lymphoedema Service Report Back on DEEP OSCILLATION® for Head and Neck Lymphoedema, Fibrosis and Scar Tissue - “The Leeds Lymphoedema team has been using HIVAMAT® 200 (DEEP OSCILLATION®) in conjunction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage for over 2 years. Manual Lymphatic Drainage as a stand-alone treatment gives good results over time..

Lymphoedema of the arm, neck and trunk -self treatment - "My Lymphoedema was first diagnosed in 2004, in my left arm following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. Until 2014, I believed that I had it under control - with simple compression sleeves for the affected arm. I also believed what I was I was told - that typically such Lymphoedema only affected the arm adjacent to the surgery.

MLD and DEEP OSCILLATION® used successfully for severe head and neck lymphoedema - Regina Dengler reports on the effective, non invasive use of MLD and DEEP OSCILLATION® for severe head and neck Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema of head and neck - self management with the DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sport - Following surgery and radiation treatment Orna's lymphatic system had become compromised, her MLD DLT Lymphoedema Practitioner, Monica Conway, recommended she purchase a DEEP OSCILLATION Personal to help with daily self management.