Head and Neck

Testimonials appertaining to the treatment and maintenance of Lymphoedema of the Head and Neck with DEEP OSCILLATION® including self management

Leeds Lymphoedema Service Report Back on DEEP OSCILLATION® for Head and Neck Lymphoedema, Fibrosis and Scar Tissue - “The Leeds Lymphoedema team has been using HIVAMAT® 200 (DEEP OSCILLATION®) in conjunction with Manual Lymphatic Drainage for over 2 years. Manual Lymphatic Drainage as a stand-alone treatment gives good results over time..

Head and Neck Lymphoedema - Deep Oscillation at Home - I was diagnosed with tongue cancer and had an operation on 14th March 2022 to remove the cancer with left side skin graft for tongue and left side lymph nodes removed

Head and Neck Lymphoedema - Self Management with Deep Oscillation Personal - "My name is Amanda Winter and I am 53 years old. In January 2022, I visited my dentist, as it felt like I was biting my tongue in my sleep.

Lymphoedema of the arm, neck and trunk -self treatment - "My Lymphoedema was first diagnosed in 2004, in my left arm following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. Until 2014, I believed that I had it under control - with simple compression sleeves for the affected arm. I also believed what I was I was told - that typically such Lymphoedema only affected the arm adjacent to the surgery.

MLD and DEEP OSCILLATION® used successfully for severe head and neck lymphoedema - Regina Dengler reports on the effective, non invasive use of MLD and DEEP OSCILLATION® for severe head and neck Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema of head and neck - self management with the DEEP OSCILLATION Personal Sport - Following surgery and radiation treatment Orna's lymphatic system had become compromised, her MLD DLT Lymphoedema Practitioner, Monica Conway, recommended she purchase a DEEP OSCILLATION Personal to help with daily self management.

Deep Oscillation in The Management of Head and Neck Lymphoedema following Cancer Surgery - "I am a 42 year old Emergency medicine doctor and mum of two young children. In the Summer of 2020, a sore patch on my tongue was diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma and I had brutal treatment involving surgery followed by chemo and radiotherapy. After finishing treatment I was keen to do as much as possible to get well and return to work but had many side effects to contend with, one of which was lymphoedema to my face and neck. This was due to the combination of removal of my lymph nodes on one side plus the radiotherapy.

"Regrets in Life? Just The One - Delaying The Purchase of a Deep Oscillation Personal Unit for Lymphoedema Management" - "I am 63 years old and recently retired. Just over 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with neck cancer when after a heavy cold I noticed a lump in my neck. I faced six months of treatment and in modern language, my journey began.... within weeks, my tonsils and wisdom teeth had both gone, in preparation for the chemotherapy and in late December I was admitted for surgery.

Head and Lymphoedema Managed At Home - Nick from Wales explains how Deep Oscillation has helped with both swelling in head and neck and leg and has also worked well at reducing the appearance of the post op scar on his neck.