Lymphoedema of the arm

Zieduna travelled from Dublin to Scotland for a course of treatments with Lynora Kennedy, she went home with DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal and works regularly with the therapy to keep her lymphoedema maintained...

After considering and then rejecting the idea of Liposuction as a treatment for Lymphoedema, Zieduna contacted PhysioPod who directed her to Lynora Kennedy for treatment. Zieduna stayed in Lynora's village for a week and had a series of intensive treatments of therapy with the HIVAMAT® 200 , Decongestive Therapy being applied twice a day, for 5 days.  Zieduna and her partner were delighted with the results achieved and returned home with their own DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal which had been sent to Lynora in advance.  Lynora demonstrated how to use the device and in the following week, Lynora helpfully provided details for card programming for the unit based on the success she had had which was forwarded to Zieduna for use.  This feedback was received when PhysioPod UK Ltd enquired as to how she was getting on..

"Yes, my DOP is my best friend and I have good news -my arm is much smaller, I broke my wrist in August and had to wear the plaster for 6 weeks! But DOP was very busy after that helping in healing.. I'm very happy having it! It has become part of my daily routine! Very effective! Thank you for all your help and all information you sent to me. My life became much happier!"

  • Zieduna travelled from Dublin over to Fife for treatment with DEEP OSCILLATION, she went home with a personal unit fully programmed for her Lymphoedema

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION PERSONAL, has made Zieduna\'s life much happier..