Lymphoedema of the arm

Breast Cancer surgery eight years ago left this lady with Lymphoedema of the arm. MLD with DEEP OSCILLATION from Carol-Ann Barrett has brought about dramatic results which she feels are longer lasting than with just MLD alone.

I have had lymphoedema in my left arm and hand as a result of surgery for breast cancer eight years ago. Carol-Ann Barrett has treated me with MLD during that time and has been very successful in preventing a worsening of the situation. However, although MLD makes a fairly dramatic impact on the swelling it needs to be done very frequently in order to maintain the results. I am now receiving Hivamat DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment from Carol-Ann  and, not only are the results more dramatic than the MLD alone but are longer lasting. To my absolute delight, I have recently been asked on two occasions, how It is that my lymphoedema is "cured" and indeed, a lot of the time, there is barely a discernable difference between the two hands. It is a very impressive treatment.