Lymphoedema Managed with the Deep Oscillation Personal

"Purchasing my own personal oscillator was one of the best things I've ever done.

The Lymphoedema in my left leg was becoming much worse and causing me great anxiety. Shoes wouldn't fit, I couldn't get them on. My leg became quite big and wooden, to the extent that it was becoming difficult to walk.

After receiving lymphatic drainage on a private basis, with the Deep Oscillation, I found it extremely beneficial. Hearing about PhysioPod from my therapist, I decided to purchase my own oscillator. When lockdown occurred, it was a relief and a godsend to be able to self-manage at home.

The oscillator uses an electrostatic field to move the lymph from the tissues. It is gentle and effective. It is a worrying shame that Lymphoedema sufferers are not aware that relief is possible. It is a gentle process and it works. 

I cannot recommend it enough and thank Julie and her sister for their help and assistance"

Mary Ball

30th July 2021