Breast Cancer Related Lymphoedema (BCRL) Effectively Self-Managed With DEEP OSCILLATION®

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"I developed secondary Lymphoedema in my left arm in 2014 following Stage 3 Breast Cancer treatment. I managed it well with MLD massage and a compression sleeve.

Unfortunately, in 2015 I suffered two episodes of severe cellulitis followed by acute bursitis of the left arm, which resulted in:

  • Increase in arm oedema
  • Severe discomfort of arm
  • Restricted mobility of arm

Lynora Kennedy my MLD Therapist successfully used Deep Oscillation therapy on my arm. She informed me of the personal unit I could purchase which was portable and easy to use. I am so pleased that I bought it, as it has been so beneficial to me in the following ways:

  • Reduction in Lymphoedema
  • No discomfort in arm
  • Full use of arm
  • Skin soft and supple

I use it daily at home and away!! It’s an essential in my holiday “itinerary” I strongly recommend the DEEP OSCILLATION® for breast cancer related lymphoedema and Julie is always so helpful anytime I contact her."

May Thomson  

The unit pictured above is used both in clinic and by those living with Lymphoedema. Units are available as the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sports or the DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Aesthetics. Therapy is delivered as a massage through vinyl gloves from Practitioner/supportive other to Patient or via applicators that enable self management. As well as a list of sports/occupational conditions are/or aesthetics conditions, it is also supplied with an additional bespoke therapy card for Lymphoedema (where applicable). This is programmed in unison with the clinic/patient following a successful treatment outcome by a Practitioner/Hospital listed on the PhysioPod Therapist Map.

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