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  • Modern physiotherapy can achieve spectacular results . A good physical therapist, knows what actions to take to make rehabilitation as effective as possible. We know that there are no two identical cases, and every patient is treated individually. Our clinic is located in Greenford, Middlesex and is dedicated to all those who want a quick and effective way to get back to full mobility and fitness.

  • In contrast to externally applied, mechanicals forms of therapy, (e.g. vibration), the therapy effect of DEEP OSCILLATION take place in the tissue itself and works through the entire depth of tissue. DEEP OSCILLATION is now offered in clinic enhancing our existing techniques, applied in the acute injury stage getting clients back to normal activity reducing the rehabilitation period.

  • Gentle, effective therapy, permeating an 8cm depth, without pressure, ideal in cases of traumatic pain and day one post surgically. The therapy is non thermal and so it can also be applied over implanted pins and plates.

  • State of the art, emits intermittent electrostatic impulses through gloved hands or applicators. Please call today to get booked in.




Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 4.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Saturday and Sundary 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm


Mobile therapy to radius of 10 miles


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  • Massage
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Electrotherapy
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Joint Mobilisation
  • Tractions
  • Strengthening Exercises


Qualifications/Training in Poland


  • Physiotherapy
  • Sport Therapy
  • Sports Medicine


Personal Profile

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Lukasz graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice with Ma Diploma in Physical Education and Sports Medicine and is a UKA Athletics Coach working with international athletes. In addition, Lukasz has enhanced his knowledge in diet and nutrition, which he feels passionately about.  Lukasz provides an individual approach to each patient placing a lot of emphasis on clinical examination and analysis of test results providing a whole picture of the patient's condition. He places great emphasis on educating the patient and with their involvement in the healing process in order to make physiotherapy most effective. Passionate about the human body, he continues to further his learning with additional courses to enhance his qualification so that his clients will benefit from the best care available.

Patient Testimonials 


Olga Kotmilosi (Athlete)

Lukas is the only person that was able to fix my Achilles' tendon. When I met him I could not walk without being in pain, would wake up in the morning and would not be able to walk properly, running was impossible and jumping wasn't even in the picture. What he did is bring me back to being normal again, I never thought that would ever happen because I had been to several specialists but every time was the same, they would try all these techniques on my Achilles but nothing ever changed, not even after a surgery, so I had lost hope. What Lukas did was incredible. He is the reason I can run again, and walk properly without feeling any pain, and most importantly I can throw javelin again... this is my dream and how did he do it? With extreme patience, he didn't give up on me. And I am lucky and grateful to him. Lukas has an extremely good knowledge of the human body, if you ask me I assure you he can fix everything. If you think there is no hope, give yourself one last chance and call him up because HE WILL FIX YOU, I guarantee it. He fixed me and like I said, I was a lost cause. He is a great guy, your problem becomes his problem, he will work on it until he fixes it, and he is a genuine and caring person. That's what makes him special. He is my first call.


Waldemar G.


Hello, my name is Waldemar and I would like to vouch for Mr Lukasz Barzyk. He has incredible knowledge and practical skills to really help someone like me. I myself have a knee joint problems and Mr Barzyk has really helped not only by physiotherapy but also by creating an exercise routine and helping me plan a balanced diet. Aftera month of his help, I can honestly say that not only my knee is in a much better state but also the overall health of my whole body. I would not hesitate and recommend Lukasz to family and friends or anyone who needs help with physiotherapy, diet and exercise advice but also beginning a healthy lifestyle in general




Lukasz is a proper hands-on physiotherapist, knowledgeable and skilled. I received professional and successful treatment. Highly recommended.



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