L-W-O Community: Exciting News - New Website Launched for Families Whose Children Live with Lymphoedema

Gaynor Leech "I am very excited to be introducing L-W-O Community’s new family website to compliment our families support group for Paediatric and Primary Lymphoedema. Did you know babies and children could be born with lymphoedema


This can occur through a faulty or missing gene or an under development of the lymphatic system in the womb.  It can also manifest when children reach puberty or later in life.

Read our journey in our first blog for the new website how we have evolved from starting our families support group in 2017 to publishing the families website to complement our support group."


PhysioPod were delighted to be asked to contribute to their section on massage treatments:

Deep Oscillation Therapy (DOT) is a patented electrostatic lymphatic massage therapy which is delivered by the light vinyl gloved hands of the therapist/parent or supportive other to the patient, or via special applicators which enable patient self-treatment at home. The personal unit has many pre-programmed indications for sporting injuries and occupational conditions and now has a setting for Lymphoedema too.  DOT can be combined with MLD and SLD and it enhances treatment results, reducing swelling, 'pain with associated swelling' and fibrosis, aiding mobility and improving skin quality reducing the likelihood of infections.  The sensation is that of a gentle, relaxing vibration on the surface of the skin, and yet, it is clinically proven to permeate an 8 cm depth, impacting upon all tissue layers: including the connective tissue. It is in the connective tissue that we find the build-up of protein solids and lymphatic fluid which is evidence in Lymphoedema.