Katie Curall

Human and Equine Sports Massage Therapist Using DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy

KT Sports Massage
The Barn, August Hill
Ingon Lane
Warwick Road
Stratford Upon Avon
United Kingdom
CV37 0QN
Mobile No 07976 413059

  • Katie is a fully qualified Human and Equine Sports Massage Therapists. Katie has been trained by one of the leading Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist's Gilliyan Carter of Equi-Therapy Uk. Katie's many years experience with horses and other human sports allows her to have the knowledge to deal with most problems. She is flexible and willing to fit in with clients tight time scales.

  • DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy permeates an 8cm depth through all tissue layers. Gentle, relaxing and highly effective in reducing pain, swelling and haematomas, boosting the natural healing process and reducing the need for anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

  • The DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal Sports for human and equine massage, patented, innovative, state of-the-art technology to boost the natural healing process.

  • Applied to horse with hand and applicator, horses remain relaxed and happy throughout a DEEP OSCILLATION® treatment.

Covering The Midlands, Warwickshire, The Cotswolds and North Oxfordshire.


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Treatments offered


Human Sports Massage


•  Enhance Performance
•  Reduce the damaging effects of physical stress and fatigue
•  Prevent Injuries
•  Improve range of movement
•  Boost recovery rates


Equine Sports Massage


•  Helps restore balance in soft tissue development
•  Enhanced venous and lymphatic flow assisting the removal of toxins from the body
•  Relief of muscle tension, spasm and trigger points
•  Prepares the body for activity pre-exercise
•  Assists in the removal of toxins post activity
•  Enhances normal recovery of tissue damage
•  Helps healing tissue retain mobility and minimises risk of scar tissue or adhesions
•  Enhances muscle tone and can help enhance/restore range of movement
•  In the event of an injury it can aid recovery and help prevent muscle atrophy
•  It may prevent injury by improving muscle usage before minor problems turn into major ones
•  Reduction of stress and tension and induces relaxation
In addition massage may help with rehabilitative training of the horse, particularly with regard to straightening the horse, thus enabling the horse to work at his or her optimum.


Training undertaken with:



Gilliyan Carter-Morgan of Equi-Therapy UK