Katharine House Lymphoedema Clinic

Elaine Basgallop, SRN, BLS, Casley Smith MLD DLT Practitioners and Lymphoedema Therapist

Weston Road, Stafford
Staffs ST163SB
Tel 01785 254645

  • Katharine House Hospice is a Registered Charity

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The Lymphoedema team at Katherine House Hospice

Elaine Basgallop, SRN, BLS,  MLD Practitioner, Casley Smith Lymphoedema Therapist 



Location of the Hospice

The Lymphoedema Team at Katharine House Hospice is lead by Staff Nurse Elaine Basgallop. Referrals are accepted from any health or social care professional and can be made by telephone or in writing (by completing the referral form) An appointment will be arranged within two weeks of a referral being received. An initial appointment will last for about one hour during which a full assessment will be made.

Following assessment the Lymphoedema service at Katharine House offers:

  • Information about the condition
  • An individualised treatment plan, which could encompass advice on skincare, healthy eating advice, an exercise programme, measurement and fitting of compression hosiery and decongestive treatment
  • A regular review of care

Treatments are provided on an outpatient basis. Where appropriate patients are offered ongoing support or treatment in liaison with their community team or other specialist Lymphoedema clinic.


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